Kitchen Colors: What Are The 2023 Trends?

By  //  September 9, 2023

It’s funny, when you start doing a kitchen makeover, or a renovation project, you can’t help skipping forward to the end in your head. Specifically, skipping forward to the paint job. 

We all love paint jobs. Choosing a new color for a room evokes an almost childish giddiness, like we’re right back to being 5-year-olds choosing the best crayon for our coloring book! Only, it never turns out to be as fun as you think it will.

In fact, choosing the right color for your rooms can be painstakingly difficult, especially when it comes to the kitchen. No matter what color you look at in the “great book of kitchen colors”, they always seem to be wrong. Sometimes it can be hard to put your finger on why they’re wrong; they’re just wrong. And if you achieve anything with this kitchen makeover, it’s creating a kitchen that fits as a whole.

Now we can’t say that we have the solution to this – we’re not magicians – but there is a way to choose a color for your kitchen that you may not have thought about. Kitchen trends! Even if your kitchen doesn’t fit into the trends of 2023, that doesn’t mean you can’t pinch a few ideas and get inspired by what’s out there. That way you can pick up paint from your building merchants with full confidence that it will actually fit the space! With this in mind, here are the five biggest kitchen trends in 2023:

The Black And White Kitchen

One of the more surprising design trends of this year is the abundance of stark black kitchens. According to design experts, painting your kitchen cabinets in black, while keeping your walls white, can create a dramatic and sophisticated juxtaposition. We have to say we agree. If you want to create an impact with your kitchen, leaning heavily on these two colours can really change the space and make it more nuanced. 

The Pink Kitchen

Hold on, before you skip over this trend, we recommend you hang around and hear us out. While the black-and-white kitchen can be especially impactful, it does risk creating a rather oppressive, clinical space. Kitchens have more possibility of feeling clinical compared to any other room, not least because of the more functional metallic surfaces. But if you decide on a pink paint job, you can radiate something a bit more fun and lively. The colour pink can also create a more warm, alluring space, especially if it’s a lighter shade of pink, verging on baby pink.

The Green Grey And Charcoal Kitchen

One of the most prominent themes in 2023 comes in three colours, all combined into one kitchen: green, grey, and charcoal. How you choose to combine these colours is up to you, but there’s no denying that they add a sense of industrial chic, as well as a bit of a natural flair where the green (or olive green) is concerned. 

The Cream Kitchen

Of course, a big part of your decision will depend on the type of kitchen that you have. For instance, a green, grey and charcoal kitchen might work well if it is a modern space with a more minimalist design. If, however, you have a traditional kitchen, or farmhouse traditional, then it might have the opposite effect. In this case, we have to say that cream might well be the best option. For a traditional kitchen, cream paint can add a warm undertone, while really making the metallics pack a punch. This is especially true if you combine cream with copper handles, worksurfaces, and taps. This is really the key to creating a neutral space with a big bite.

The Yellow Kitchen

Okay, this is the fifth biggest trend of 2023, and… well… it’s yellow. Like the pink kitchen, we would argue that you should hear us out, but this one is definitely more outlandish. Of course, it can work if you go for a more soft, yolky yellow. But it’s still pretty full-on. Hey, it might work out well! As we said, this is all about opening your horizons and giving you some ideas. Who knows? One of the colour schemes mentioned might just be the perfect fit. You’re just going to have to grab the paintbrush and find out!