StarCasino Welcomes Spinomenal to Italy’s iGaming Scene in Exciting Partnership

By  //  September 21, 2023

Italian Casino arena buzzes with anticipation. StarCasino, Italy’s premier gaming platform, joining forces with Spinomenal.

This union promises to reshape the gambling landscape, offering players enhanced gaming. In collaboration with the top experts from, who have recently reviewed the partnership between StarCasino and Spinomenal, we aim to demonstrate that this partnership extends beyond just games. It’s a strategic move, reflecting the ambitions of these brands. As we delve deeper, we’ll unpack what this means for Italian gamers and the broader iGaming ecosystem.

The Partnership Announcement

Spinomenal and StarCasino have forged a strategic alliance. This move has stirred excitement in Italy’s gaming sector. It means that Spinomenal, a revered iGaming content provider, made its debut in Italy. Their new foothold has become possible through StarCasino – with this, Italian gaming enthusiasts have much to look forward to.

StarCasino stands out as not just any online operator but also as a part of the influential Betsson Group. This partnership serves as a significant leap for both parties. There’s an exclusivity agreement in place that lasts until October 2023. During this span, Spinomenal’s prime content remains a unique treat – only StarCasino players have access.

Lior Shvartz stands behind Spinomenal as its CEO – he openly shared his anticipation about this new journey. “Italy is a critical market for us,” he stated. On the other side, Stefano Tino, the managing director of StarCasino, mirrored Shvartz’s sentiments. “This partnership speaks volumes,” he remarked. Tino also highlighted Spinomenal’s creative edge in the gaming world, and he’s confident that this collaboration would be beneficial.

Partnership Details

The agreement between Spinomenal and StarCasino has the potential to revolutionize Italy’s iGaming space. Spinomena gained its first entry into the Italian market through this collaboration. StarCasino players have access to diverse games via the Light & Wonder’s OpenGaming™ platform, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Key features of this deal include an exclusivity period, a unique aspect of the deal. Until October 2023, StarCasino will be the sole platform hosting Spinomenal’s standout content. This exclusivity aims to provide StarCasino’s dedicated players with a fresh and unmatched gaming edge.

Some of Spinomenal’s famed titles, such as ‘Majestic King‘, ‘Demi-Gods II’, and ‘Poseidon Rising’, are about to become available. Also, StarCasino players will get a taste of the Spinomenal Universe. This feature allows players to delve into interconnected storylines with familiar characters, enhancing the gaming journey.

But that’s not all. There’s an added perk for StarCasino players – the platform gearing up for a promotional offer. With this, they aim to reward their dedicated players. In essence, this partnership signifies more than a business contract. It’s a merging of two gaming giants that are set to redefine Italy’s iGaming landscape. The collaboration is going to bring fresh games, so Italy’s gaming community creates a set for an exciting ride.

Benefits for Italian Players

The Spinomenal-StarCasino agreement promises big for Italian gamers. This alliance brings forth a lot of perks. So let us explore the benefits for the Italian iGaming community:

  • Premium Game Access: Italian players gain access to Spinomenal’s elite games. Titles like ‘Majestic King’ and ‘Demi-Gods II’ await. Their stunning visuals and engaging play promise hours of fun.
  • Initial Phase Exclusivity: Until October 2023, StarCasino offers an advantage. It’s the only platform in Italy offering Spinomenal’s latest. This ensures a unique gaming edge. So, for players who are interested in immersive gaming, StarCasino will be the go-to option.
  • The Spinomenal Universe Experience: An interconnected gaming realm emerges. Players meet characters from various games. This introduces fresh storylines and exciting challenges.
  • Improved Gaming Flow: Spinomenal integrates with Light & Wonder’s OpenGaming™ platform. It promises a seamless gaming experience. Optimized for a lot of devices, it assures flexibility. Players can game from anywhere, even from home.
  • Attractive Offers Ahead: StarCasino plans special promotions including bonus spins and deposit boosts. Players can enjoy extended play and more winning opportunities. Other promotions offer cashback deals, leaderboards, and VIP events.

This alliance brings promising prospects giving Italian gamers enjoyment and incentives. Gaming is on the brink of a transformation with upcoming adventures, trials, and benefits awaiting. Integrating two forces in this manner achieves mutual advantage for both game leaders and their audience.

Final Words

The union marks a vital moment for Italy’s iGaming arena. Both entities bring their strengths to the table, ensuring richer gaming for users. Players can expect not only new games but a revamped gaming journey filled with a lot of rewards.

This partnership goes beyond merely expanding game options. Indeed, it aims to redefine the gaming landscape in Italy. This effort positions Italian players on the brink of an exciting new epoch. Expect thrilling quests, enthralling narratives, and endless immersive gameplay ahead. The prospects for Italian iGaming have never been more promising, so it’s time to level up and join the adventure.