Things You Need to Know About Acoustics Panels

By  //  September 26, 2023

Being an expert, we thought that we should share some of our knowledge with the audience about acoustic solutions. In this article, we will discuss everything a buyer should know before making any purchase.

Why We Use Them?

The panels that we are referring to are wall panels. What makes them different is that they are made of soft material capable of absorbing sound. Not only do acoustic panels look good on your wall but they can reduce noise levels, echo, and reverberation. In short, they will improve the sound quality of the space.

Where should you install them depends on you as they can look good anywhere. But most people use them in offices to reduce noise and in the recording studio to improve sound quality. There are some people out there who use them as decoration in the home.

What are the Benefits?

You should be wondering about the benefits of installing these panels. Well, many people ignore the fact of improving sound quality. But in offices, it can have a huge impact. By installing these panels, you can improve background noise.

Sound Quality

One of the first benefits is that it improves the overall sound quality of the space by reducing echo and reverberation. By doing so, it improves sound clarity which provides you with crispy and clear sound. That is the main reason; these panels are a vital part of a recording studio.


You can also use them in the offices as they make a positive impact on employees. This way, they have to face less noise which in turn increases productivity. You should know that bad acoustics in the workspace is not healthy for humans. Employees will face difficulty talking over the phone and conversing with their colleagues. While doing work concentration is the key to becoming productive. When they face less disturbance, they can work better and hence increase productivity.

Interior Design

Another great benefit of using these panels is they can improve the interior design. They come in different colors, and combined with other aesthetics, they can reshape the interior design. That is why, many companies manufacture these panels keeping the aesthetic appeal in mind.

What are the Types?

Despite different colors, they come in different types as well, which are as follows:

Soft panels

It is the most common type to absorb as much sound as possible. They are manufactured using soft materials that help in absorbing the sound.

Wooden Panels

The main purpose stays the same however they offer a more enhanced aesthetic appeal. Wood itself isn’t very sound absorbent, rather the felt backing behind the wooden slats are what give it its acoustic properties, whilst continuing to look good. 

Art Panels

It is the decorative type that comes with different artwork on the panels. The main purpose of the design is to look good on the wall while improving the sound quality.

Diffuser Panels

This type is different from regular acoustic panels. They indeed improve sound quality but the way of working is a little bit different. They rather disperse the sound waves in the space. This way, it reduces reverberation and enhances sound quality.

How Do You Know Which Type is Right?

We know that there is a lot to choose from but what is the right for you? Don’t worry we are going to answer this question. First, the choice depends on your space. Then you can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your Goal?
  2. How do you want them to look?
  3. How much space is available to you?
  4. What is the budget?

Well, the main goal of installing these panels is to absorb sound, reduce noise, and improve clarity. If you are just focusing on absorbing the sound then you can go with soft panels. But if you want clarity and sound quality then you can go with diffuser panels.

Another factor that you consider is the aesthetics of the space. If you are concerned about the looks then you should go with art panels. The size of the panels depends on the space. If you have large space then you may need bigger wall panels.

The price of these panels depends on the size, style, material, and brand. So, you should make a budget first.

How Much Panels You Need?

As you know they come in different types and sizes. So, it is essential to decide a size depending on the room size and free wall space. We will recommend you cover at least 30% of the wall space with these panels.

Is It Worth It?

It is the most common question asked by the people. Well, it depends on whether you need better sound quality in the space or not. If you are alone in the room and there is not much noise. Then you don’t need them. But keep in mind that they also improve the interior design.