What Do Sweepstake Casinos Bring to the Table?

By  //  September 29, 2023

Online gambling is a big part of the overall gambling industry and quite a successful market in its own right. Generating billions of dollars annually, the iGaming industry might just soon surpass its land-based predecessor.

Understandably, when governments see how well the industry is doing, they are far more likely to legalize it within their own nation. However, a lot of places still don’t allow online gambling.

In order to get around the online gambling ban, online casino operators have come up with a creative solution; sweepstake casinos. In this article, we are going to discuss sweepstake casinos, what they are, how they work, and what exactly do they bring to the table? 

What are Sweepstake Casinos?

Sweepstake casinos are online gambling websites where people don’t wager real money. Instead, they use virtual currencies, which they can then redeem for cash prizes. Some have referred to sweepstake casinos as “social casinos.” 

Sweepstake casinos are growing in popularity, especially in places where online gambling is prohibited. An example of a rather successful, new social casino is Funrize, where you can play games for free, or trade your points for cash prizes. If you are interested, you can read a quality Funrize casino review by clicking the provided link.

Now that you know what sweepstake casinos are, it is time to take a look at what exactly they bring to the table. Why might somebody choose sweepstakes over regular online casinos?


The first reason is also the most obvious; legal issues. As we said before, not every government has legalized online gambling. In the USA for example, online casinos are only legal in six states. However, as sweepstake casinos don’t actually entail placing wagers with real money, typical online gambling laws don’t apply to them.

However, it is worth noting that sweepstake websites could still be banned. It all depends on how the laws are written, what they specify, etc. In other words, before you check out sweepstakes, we would recommend you take a look at the gambling laws, and make sure they are legal in your country/state.

No Financial Risk

The biggest benefit of sweepstake casinos is that they come with no financial risk. As we said, you don’t spend real currency to gamble at sweepstake casinos. Rather, upon signing up a player can buy a certain sum of virtual currency. They then use said currency, which does not reflect on their real-world financial status.

However, in order to acquire this virtual currency, you still need to pay for it. Some casinos may gift you a certain sum as a welcome bonus. But, for the most part, you have to spend some cash to get ahold of the virtual currency. We would recommend you don’t spend too much cash on the virtual currency, as that defeats the purpose of playing for no financial risk. 

Cash Prizes

Finally, you can win real-money cash prizes at a sweepstake casino. However, that is not all. Some casinos offer physical goods or gift cards. Depending on the website you can win things like a new phone, a gift card for a certain store, and much more.