Your Guide to Betting on College Football

By  //  September 11, 2023

Over the years, the NCAAF, better known simply as college football, has grown in popularity. While it may not be overtaking the NFL as the country’s most popular sport, it is the second biggest in terms of viewing figures.

Every season, millions of fans across the US watch all of the action, either at home, at sports bars, or in stadiums.

(Photo by Gene Gallin on Unsplash)

Aside from offering the same level of excitement and drama as the NFL, college football is famous for its brilliant atmosphere within the stadiums. Even if you’re not at the game, you can still feel the energy through your TV set. Betting on football is just as popular as watching it, and college football betting is now legal across many states. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started betting on the NCAAF.

Understanding College Football Odds

Before you can start betting on any sport, you need to understand how odds work and how to read them. When you place a bet, you’re risking your money on a prediction of the game. So if you bet on the Alabama Crimson Tide to win their next game, you’ll lose if they lose and win if they win.

The odds are set by the sportsbooks, and they tell you the implied probability of that outcome. For example, a team that’s predicted to win by experts will have much shorter odds than one that is the underdog. For favorites, the odds are shown with a minus sign in front, while the odds for underdogs are preceded by a plus sign.

For example:

San Diego State +416


UCLA – 571

UCLA are the clear favorites in this matchup, and you can also use the odds to work out your potential profit. If you bet $100 on San Diego to win, you’d win $416 if they’re victorious. On the other hand, you’d need to bet $571 on UCLA in order to win $100. While there’s less risk in betting on the favorite, the potential profits are much lower due to the probability.

College Football Markets

Knowing the odds is only one-half of knowing how to place bets. All sportsbooks that offer college football betting have a range of betting options for you to choose from. These options are known as markets, and you can view them by selecting a game in your sportsbook.

All good betting sites should feature the most common markets, such as moneyline, point spread, and over/under. These allow you to bet on the game-winner, the winner with a point differential, and the total number of points scored.

Tips for Betting on College Football

Now you know more about how betting works, it’s time to sign into your sportsbook and start placing bets. When doing so, it’s important to consider a few things in mind first.

Always Research Your Bets

Every bet you place on college football or any other sport should be backed up by research. Sports betting is unique in that you have a greater chance of success if you have a good knowledge of the sport. Check team news, form, statistics, and even the weather forecast before you bet, as they can all affect the outcome.

Manage Your Bankroll

The amount of money you have available for betting is your bankroll. You need to manage it carefully if you want to be successful and turn a profit. Split your total bankroll into single units and use a set number of units for each bet. Units should be a percentage of your bankroll, this way, you’ll be able to bet larger when you have more money.