Antigua Citizenship: Wise Choice for Your Business

By  //  October 13, 2023

The excellent climate, the growing economy and the positive situation in the Mediterranean countries cannot go unnoticed. Creating offers for immigrants here continues, and the conditions are praiseworthy. Since the advent of the program, it has been possible to identify advantages, features and disadvantages. Loyal conditions are time-tested and confirmed by the experience of immigrants.

The first thing that catches the eye is the moderate size of the investment. To participate in the program with the subsequent receipt of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, it is necessary to contribute capital to the country in the amount from 100 thousand dollars. This is the lowest investment threshold among the existing Golden Visa programs.

Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program

Familiarization with the program begins with the study of the main deadlines for consideration of applications. Foreigners who received capital legally can apply. The minimum contribution is 100 thousand dollars. The amount can be increased if the applicant adds a family (parents, children).

The application processing period is less than six months. At this stage, processing is carried out. This procedure includes data verification and compliance of information with requirements. An accredited agent of Immigrant Invest is used to submit the documents.

Those who have resided on the island for 5 days in 5 years will be able to keep their passport after receiving it. This is a mandatory requirement that all new citizens of the state fulfill. In case of failure to fulfill the condition, the investor is deprived of his passport and citizenship status. Therefore, it is important to adhere to all the necessary rules and requirements to maintain your passport and investment opportunity.

Business Opportunities in Antigua

Investment program specialist Zlata Erlach singles out the country as one of the most loyal. The program wins in comparison with other options in the Mediterranean Sea (Grenada, Saint Lucia). Citizens’ income is not subject to taxes if the income falls into one of the following categories:

  • personal income;
  • capital gains;
  • inheritance;
  • royalties;
  • dividends.

The holder of a passport of countries with no income tax enjoys the opportunity to expand the scale of business and avoid double taxation. In addition, the country has concluded agreements with 151 states and introduced visa-free regime with them. The documents can be issued upon arrival, but it is not necessary to obtain a visa.

Key Benefits of Antigua Citizenship

Numerous benefits allow making a decision in favor of the program. The small investment size is only the first feature that attracts attention but passport holders enjoy exceptional conditions:

  1. Comfortable processing. It is possible to submit documents and register an application without a personal visit. It requires an accredited agent who will fulfill the obligations instead of the immigrant. The application processing time is from 3 months.
  2. Minimum requirements for applicants. Knowledge of the language, history and culture of the country is not among the mandatory requirements. It is enough to reach the age of majority and prepare the relevant documents.
  3. Loyal conditions. Dependents can be added to the application after the decision on the application is announced. It is necessary to fulfill the basic requirements, which include absence of a spouse for children, age over 55 for parents and absence of a source of profit.

Since Antigua is among the tax-free countries, there is no need to worry about double taxation. Tax rules vary, but remain acceptable to different categories of people. The country is loyal to all immigrants who have retained their first citizenship.

Comparing Antigua’s CIP with Other Caribbean Programs

Comparative characteristics will help you to choose Antigua’s program among other options. For example, the cost of participation is set at a low level, which other countries cannot offer. Despite the limited number of investment options (non-refundable contribution or purchase of property), the offer remains favorable.

Favorable tax conditions are no less important argument in favor of this passport. Thanks to this feature, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to create a new business in the second homeland with a moderate tax. Thus, diversification of capital will allow continuing working in several directions.

Part of the benefits of the program repeats the privileges of citizenship of other Caribbean countries. Visa-free travel, quality medical care and education system are available for new residents. Children get new job prospects.


The opportunity to obtain a second Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment is worth looking into for many reasons. Holders of a strong passport enjoy unique conditions for living, working and developing. Border crossings during restricted periods are made possible with a second passport.

Finding out the details regarding countries with no tax programs is not a hassle. Accredited agents have the expertise to guide clients through the naturalization process.