Jeff Lewis Praises Vena’s New ‘Happy Place’ THC Beverage

By  //  October 17, 2023

Many people are talking about the rising trend of CBD and THC drinks these days. Among the many choices out there, Vena’s ‘Happy Place’ THC drink stands out.

Tamra Judge, a familiar face from the hit TV show ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’, played a big part in bringing this drink to the market, and it has become a big hit.

Recently, Jeff Lewis, a well-known TV personality and real estate expert, gave his seal of approval for this drink. With a busy schedule that keeps him on his toes, Jeff is always on the lookout for ways to wind down and take a break. It was Tamra Judge who first introduced him to Vena’s product line, starting with their sleep capsules. Jeff was so impressed by how well they worked that he decided to explore more of what Vena had to offer.

After enjoying the benefits of the sleep capsules, Jeff’s curiosity led him to Vena’s Happy Place drinks. Overall, he enjoyed them but was taken aback by some of the flavors. Sharing his experience, he said, “I recently purchased the variety pack. Surprisingly, what I imagined would be my favorite (passion fruit) was my least favorite, while what I thought would be my least favorite (black cherry) was my favorite! The grapefruit is pretty good too.”

A Drink That’s Gaining Fans Fast!

Jeff is far from being the only fan of these beverages. Many reviews are pouring in, praising the Happy Place drinks. People love the taste, but they also appreciate the various benefits. Users report feeling less anxious, not having that groggy feeling the next day, staying more hydrated, and even feeling fresher and more energized. The drinks seem to offer a great way to relax, socialize, and enjoy the moment without some of the downsides that come with drinking alcohol.

For many, the appeal of a good drink is all about the experience – the taste, the feeling it brings, and the memories made while sipping it. But traditional alcoholic beverages come with a price: the dreaded hangover, the dry mouth, and for some, even long-term health issues. Happy Place offers an alternative that promises the good without the bad.

The experience varies depending on how much you drink. One can will give a gentle calming effect. Two cans, and you might find yourself in a lively, happy mood. Go for three, and you’re in for an energetic and creative ride.

Jeff believes these drinks are perfect for people who want that ‘feel good’ sensation without the unwanted after-effects of traditional drinks. They don’t lead to morning regrets, they’re gentler on the body, and they offer a modern twist to the drinking culture. For Jeff and many others, Happy Place is becoming the go-to drink for a fun evening without the drawbacks.

But this drink isn’t just for the stars or the people with hectic lives. It seems to appeal to a wide range of people. From college students to retirees, many are drawn to the delightful flavors and the promised benefits.