Now Is the Best Time To Be Independent Artist, Here’s Why

By  //  October 10, 2023


Now is the best time to be a real music artist. A common indie artist today has access to all the tools he needs to get his musical career skyrocketing. All of the music promotion tools are within reach for every independent artist, and artists no longer need a label to manage their musical careers like they used to.

In this article, we will bring you the best tips for launching your musical career. Let’s get started:

Part 1: The Power of Spotify Playlists

Spotify is a music streaming giant with millions of active users and an extensive array of playlists. Gaining visibility on Spotify can significantly boost your career as an independent artist.

Here’s a comprehensive roadmap to get your music on Spotify playlists:

  • Craft Your Pitch Perfectly

Before you approach playlist curators, ensure your music is of the highest quality. Your tracks should be professionally mixed and mastered. Additionally, your Spotify artist profile should be polished, featuring captivating photos and a compelling bio that tells your story.

  • Use a music promotion platform

  • To speed things up, you can use a music promotion service like One Submit, the platform deliver your music to different curators from different platforms, including Spotify, blogs, Tiktok influencers and more, for every submission you will receive a review from the curator, if he likes your music, they will add it to his playlist.

Identify the Ideal Playlists

  • Extensive research is crucial. Discover playlists that align with your music’s genre, mood, and style. Look for both independent curators and user-generated playlists that resonate with your unique sound.
  • Build Genuine Relationships: Building authentic relationships with playlist curators can be a game-changer. Start by following them on social media platforms and engage with their content. Show your genuine appreciation for their playlists, demonstrating that you value their curation skills.

Leverage Spotify for Artists

  • Spotify offers a valuable feature called “Spotify for Artists,” which allows you to submit your tracks for playlist consideration. When using this feature, your pitch should be concise, persuasive, and loaded with relevant information about your music. Make your submission stand out from the crowd.

Collaborate and Network

  • Collaboration is a potent tool. Collaborate with other independent artists or bands within your genre. Featuring each other’s tracks on your playlists can enhance your visibility and attract Spotify’s recommendation algorithm.

Stay Patient and Persistent

  • It’s essential to maintain patience and persistence throughout your journey. Building relationships and securing playlist features can take time. Rejections are part of the process; use them as stepping stones for growth, keep honing your craft, and continue pitching your music.

Part 2: TikTok Influencers and Music Submission

TikTok, the social media platform famous for viral music trends, has become a significant force in the music industry. TikTok is THE platform that can cause your music to explode in a very fast way. 

Here’s how independent artists can leverage TikTok to their advantage:

Create a TikTok Artist Account

  • f you haven’t already, establish a TikTok artist account that aligns with your unique brand and musical style. Your profile should resonate with your target audience.

Engage with Influencers

  • Begin by identifying and following TikTok influencers within your music genre. Engage with their content by leaving thoughtful comments, sharing their videos, and showing genuine support for their creative endeavors. Building relationships on TikTok hinges on mutual respect and collaboration. Read more about TikTok music promotion here

Personalized Outreach

  • When you believe you’ve established a connection with an influencer, consider reaching out through direct messages. Avoid generic, copy-paste messages; instead, craft personalized messages expressing your admiration for their content and explaining why your music would resonate with their audience.

Offer Exclusive Content

  • To entice influencers to use your music in their videos, provide them with something exclusive. This could include unreleased tracks, behind-the-scenes footage, or custom shout-outs for their followers. Exclusive content can make your collaboration more appealing.

Respect Creative Freedom

  • Once an influencer agrees to use your music, trust their creative process. TikTok users value authenticity, so encourage influencers to create content that feels genuine to them while using your music as the soundtrack.

Part 3: Music Blog Submissions for Independent Artists

Music blogs continue to be valuable platforms for promoting independent artists. Here’s a strategic approach to get your music featured:

Research and Target Blogs

  • Start by researching music blogs that specialize in your genre or have a history of promoting independent musicians. Look for platforms that resonate with your artistic vision.

Follow Submission Guidelines

  •  Each music blog has specific submission guidelines, often available on their websites. Carefully read and adhere to these guidelines to ensure that your music receives consideration for review and feature.

Craft an Engaging Pitch

  • When reaching out to music blogs, it’s crucial to write a compelling and personalized pitch. Your email should introduce your music, provide a concise yet engaging artist biography, and clearly articulate why your music would be an excellent fit for their audience.

Include Professional Materials

  • Attach high-quality press photos, album art, and any additional materials that can enhance the blog’s ability to feature your music effectively. Visuals are just as essential as the music itself when capturing readers’ attention.

Graceful Follow-Up

  •  If you don’t receive a response from a blog within a reasonable timeframe, it’s entirely acceptable to send a polite follow-up email expressing your continued interest and gratitude for their work.

Last Final Words. 

The road to success as an independent artist is paved with hardships and victories. Building a relationships with playlist curators, influencers, and music bloggers can be very effective to your success as you negotiate the complex web of the music business. Find the right music promotion platforms for you and promote every single using submission platforms, Facebook ads and more. 

Keep working hard to improve your music, keep a positive thinking, and take advantage of all the musical platforms available today to share your music with the world. Your moment of brilliance can be closer than you realize. Believe in what you do and work hard to achieve it.