President Biden Announces Plan to Submit Budget Request to Congress for Support of Israel, Ukraine Wars

By  //  October 19, 2023

Biden did not specify the amount of the spending package

ABOVE VIDEO: Biden to deliver remarks from Oval Office on wars raging in Israel and Ukraine

(FOX NEWS) – President Biden announced Thursday he would be submitting a joint urgent budget request to Congress on Friday in support of Israel and Ukraine in their respective wars.

“American leadership holds the world together. American alliances keep America safe. American values make us a partner they want to work with. You put all of that at risk if you walk away from Ukraine and turn our backs on Israel,” Biden said during his address to the nation.

“Tomorrow I will send to Congress an urgent budget request to fund America’s national security needs and support Israel and Ukraine. It’s a smart investment that will pay dividends for American security for generations,” he said.

Biden did not specify the amount of the package, but said it would “keep American troops out of harm’s way,” and would help build a safer world.

He added that it would “sharpen” Israel’s military, and ensure the nation had what it needed to continue defending itself against terrorist attacks from Hamas.