Pros and Cons of Building a Love Relationship with an Athlete

By  //  October 18, 2023

Most athletes are motivated, passionate, disciplined, optimistic, yet demanding and selfish people. If you fall in love with an athlete, you should know what to expect from the relationship.

Here is a list of key pros and cons of dating sportspeople. Keep reading to find out whether it’s worth diving into the relationship.

Pros of Being in a Relationship with an Athlete

Athletes are attractive, smart, fearless, and confident people. You can learn from them and you can grow with them. If you happen to fall in love with an athlete, you will get the following “bonuses”.

Motivation to work out

Do you struggle to stay consistent with working out? Once you start dating an athlete, you will get the motivation to stick to exercise. Since your partner is a sports enthusiast, he will talk a lot about sports and encourage you to take care of your physical health. You will see him training and want to join. Working out is a great way to enjoy quality time together and get a boost of endorphins. So, while being in relationships, you will enjoy doing sports more than ever.

Lots of opportunities to bond

If both you and your partner are into sports, you have higher chances to build lasting relationships. Why? Because you already have something that connects you, and you have so many opportunities to bond even further. You can work out, watch sports on TV, and go to see matches together. On top of that, you can cheer each other on at games and competitions. 

Perfect body shape

Whether your boyfriend is a competitive swimmer, sprint runner, or baseball player, the chances are he has a perfect body shape. Obviously, it’s not the most important thing in the relationship. But it’s a nice bonus. When your partner looks like a model from a sexy underwear ad, it benefits your sex life.

Cons of Being in Relationship with an Athlete

Being in a love relationship with an athlete may sound like a dream. But you should be aware that there are some downsides of such relationships. 

Sports go first

For all professional athletes, sports are the first priority. No matter how much he loves you, he will think of his sports career in the first place. He will not skip training to celebrate your anniversary. He will not cancel his participation in a competition to attend your sister’s wedding.

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Frequent trips

Professional athletes travel a lot. Basically, it’s a big part of their job. They travel to participate in national and international competitions, play in road games, make public appearances, and take part in TV shows. So, when you start dating an athlete, you should understand that frequent trips are inevitable. You should accept this fact and be ready to maintain your relationship at a distance.

Strict diet

Are you a foodie? If so, you may face some challenges when dating someone with a strict diet. Probably, your partner won’t be able to try your favorite food or eat out at the places of your choice. Well, it’s not a big issue, but still, it will influence the normal course of your life to some degree.

Wrapping Up

Are you in love with an athlete? Focus on good things in your relationship, and don’t worry about the rest. If the love between the two of you is real, you will overcome all the obstacles and live happily together. But if this person is not “the right one for you”, you will eventually break up anyway.