Stay Productive: 5 Tips to Get More Done on Your Next Business Trip

By  //  October 15, 2023

Between the stress of traveling and the pressure of attending meetings, it’s often hard to keep your productivity up during business trips. To add to the list of issues, it can also be difficult to get work done out of hotels and cafés, as both spaces are often low on comfort and high on potential distractions. But fear not, if you’ve been struggling to get work done while on the go, these 5 tips will help you stay on top of your game.

1 – Plan Your Days in Advance

Before you even board that flight or hop in the car, sketch out a game plan. Know the layout of your days, from meetings and events to designated work times. Try utilizing tools like calendar apps and to-do lists to help you organize each day of the trip efficiently. 

Having a clear plan laid out for each day can be a big help. Not only will this give you a roadmap, but it will also foster a sense of accomplishment as you check off your tasks.

2 – Choose Your Work Environment Wisely

Don’t underestimate the power of your surroundings. While cafes may have that trendy vibe and endless coffee, they can be a hub for distractions. The same goes for hotel lobbies or other public spaces. 

If possible, book a hotel with a dedicated business center or co-working space. This way, you’re guaranteed a more controlled environment, faster Wi-Fi, and fewer distractions.

If that is not an option, consider investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, and try to get work done during less busy hours of the day. If your work involves sensitive information, consider using a privacy screen protector like the ones made by These are screen protectors that reduce the viewing angle of your screen, making it harder for people to peek at your work.

3 – Master the Art of Time Blocks

Time blocking is your best friend when you’re on the move. Instead of working haphazardly through tasks, try allocating specific blocks of time to focus on particular projects or objectives. 

You can further boost your productivity by organizing those blocks around your habits. For example, if you’re not a morning person, don’t schedule important tasks for the crack of dawn. Know your high-energy periods and exploit them to the fullest. 

Making time for breaks is also crucial. It can be easy to lose track of how much you’re working when you’re not at the office. Taking regular breaks is key if you want to avoid burnout and keep your productivity levels high.

4 – Utilize Travel Time

Yeah, we get it. Airports and long drives are nobody’s idea of fun. However, these can be hidden pockets of productivity. 

Instead of binge-watching Netflix or dozing off, use your time in transit to be productive. Listen to industry-related podcasts, review documents, jot down ideas, or catch up on professional reading. Or if you can, try getting some work done from your laptop or smartphone.

No one is saying you should work 24/7. But each hour you spend working on a flight is an hour you can spend resting much more comfortably at your hotel later.

5 – Pack the Right Hardware

Don’t underestimate just how much a sluggish cellphone or uncomfortable laptop can affect your productivity. If you want to stay productive during long trips, packing the right tools is essential.

For most types of work, the easiest way to get the comfort you need is to pack peripherals. Keyboards, mice, and headphones can all make working out of a phone or Laptop much easier. 

And if your devices are sluggish, try to fix that before the trip. Taking them to an IT professional may fix the problem, another option is to buy or rent a new device for the trip.