The Definitive Resource for Hoodie Layout and Branding

By  //  October 10, 2023

Are you ready to upgrade your hoodie? This detailed guide will assist designers and marketers position their logos for statement sweatshirts and online hoodies. 

This page discusses hoodie printing regions, sizes, and designs that work well on each. 

Favorable spots for hoodie graphics

You’re creating your first sweatshirts for your streetwear company. You’re unsure where to place your logo, artwork, or text-based designs to make an impact.

You may develop your brand’s visual identity and style by considering placement strategy advantages.

Read on for tips on custom hoodie printing and getting the best results. 

Many effective logo alternatives are available for hoodies:

  • A “center chest” placement places the logo in the middle or slightly off-center of the hoodie’s chest. This classic design attracts attention and works well for medium-sized logos.
  • On the left breast, embroidered logos are frequent. Give your little logo some style and polish with this.
  • Whether your brand is within or outside the label, customers will notice it. 

When referring to creative works

Your creative expression goes beyond logo placement. The following are possible design locations:

  • Your design will be most noticeable on the chest. A little needlework you’re proud of may be shown.
  • Printing over the full front of the hoodie is an option if the design is very eye-catching or intricate. The resulting aesthetic is striking and fully immersive.
  • The sleeve is a great place to showcase a design that has vertical lines, symmetry, or repetition. You may choose to have your design run the whole length of the sleeve, or you can choose to have a smaller pattern near the cuff.
  • The hoodie’s back is a large blank slate for your design. If you have a detailed design that need some breathing room to truly enjoy, here is the spot for it.

In the case of textual layouts

Designs focused on text work well when going for a minimalist aesthetic. You might choose from the following:

  • In the same way that a logo on the center chest looks clean and professional, adding text to the left chest region does the same for your business name or slogan. This positioning is ideal for compact, powerfully worded passages.
  • Maximum exposure is achieved by printing large, eye-catching patterns on the front of the hoodie in strong typography. Larger font sizes in the complete front area improve readability from a greater distance. You’ll communicate better this way.
  • To be seen even when worn over another layer, the wording should be on the front of the hoodie. Full-frontal positioning makes front sections suitable for text integration with other design elements.


You should have some ideas for generating eye-catching hoodie designs with limited print area after reading this article.

You may add an embroidered logo on the left breast, a printed design on the back, or a seamless pattern over the sleeves. Changes to a garment’s label are only one way to express the wearer’s individuality.

For ideal design placement, consider the print location’s size, proportions, and visibility. Be imaginative while designing the exterior label or seam-to-seam printing. 

It’s time to step up your hoodie style. Have fun creating!