Ultimate Guide: Your Handy Checklist for Essay Writing Activities

By  //  October 7, 2023

How to Check Your Essay: Essay Checklist from the Pro Writer

Before hitting that “submit” button, pause. Is your essay as polished as it can be? Your peace of mind matters, and that’s where WritingPaperSucks comes in. We offer insights and reviews that can help you improve your academic writing. Now, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow essay checklist, ensuring you submit your best work.

Understanding the Checking Process

Here’s a reality check: A rushed essay often receives a grade that reflects that haste. Will Martins author and our founder, and a seasoned ghost writer, stresses that meticulous review is key. Understanding the checking process is the first step in avoiding mistakes that could cost you valuable marks. You’ll identify gaps in your argument and catch grammatical errors that might otherwise slip through.

Useful Checklist Made by Will Martins

The heart of this article is the essay check list created by Will Martins. This comprehensive guide is designed to elevate the quality of your essay to the next level. It covers everything from content and structure to grammar and punctuation. Never again will you have to second-guess your work. Simply follow the list, and you’re on your way to a standout essay.

Content and Structure

Knowing what to include in an essay tops the list among the many challenges students face. Our checklist for writing an essay is here to help. It focuses on the essential aspects that form the skeleton of your essay, such as the thesis, argument, and evidence. As a bonus, tools like an essay writing generator can assist you in streamlining your work. Following a structured approach ensures you craft a coherent and compelling essay.

Grammar and Mechanics

Now that you’ve covered content, let’s focus on the nuts and bolts of your essay. A college essay checklist wouldn’t be complete without a section on grammar and mechanics. The next step is crucial for avoiding errors that can distract your reader.

  1. Check for subject-verb agreement.
  2. Ensure correct tense usage.
  3. Scan for comma splices and run-on sentences.
  4. Eliminate spelling errors.
  5. Confirm punctuation is appropriate.

So, you’ve perfected your content. But even a brilliant argument can fall flat if grammatical issues plague it. Make this step a priority.

Language and Style

Equally important to the nuts and bolts is the flow of your language. Our essay writing checklist ensures that you pay attention to language and style. Words have power, and your choice of words can make or break your essay. Carefully studying your language can help you express ideas clearly, compellingly, and authentically. Take the time to read your essay aloud to help you catch awkward phrasings or jarring transitions.

Citations and References

It’s one thing to have stellar content, but presenting it is a different ballgame. Writingpapersucks.com emphasizes the importance of proper citations and references. Following the citation style dictated by your assignment gives your work legitimacy and saves you from potential plagiarism issues. Check out our tips section to help nail this aspect of your essay. There are also “topic creator” tools that can assist in automating your citation process.

Formatting and Layout

Believe it or not, the way your essay looks matters. In our checklist for essay writing, we consider the importance of formatting and layout. Your paper should have consistent margins, headers, and footers. Pay special attention to the instructions concerning font style and size. If you’re writing a research paper, specific layout rules might apply. It’s about what you write and how you present it.

How to Use This Checklist

So you’ve got this detailed essay checklist, but how do you put it to use? Start by going through each section one at a time. For college students, especially those tackling complex analysis essays, the checklist is a helpful submenu to your writing process. Begin at the top and work your way down, checking off each item as you go along. Remember, writing is a process; this checklist is your roadmap to success.

Common Mistakes to Look Out For

Are you ready to study correctly? While checking your essay, knowing what not to do is equally crucial. So, what do you need in an essay to avoid pitfalls? First, steer clear of vague thesis statements. A good essay has a clear, direct statement as its backbone. Another common mistake is failing to proofread. Even a single typo can give the wrong impression. Lastly, avoid unsupported claims. Ensure every statement in your essay is correct, backed by evidence, and contributes to your argument.

Using Tools and Resources

And now, you should close other web tabs and read carefully. The digital age has blessed us with tools designed to make writing smoother. The WritingPaperSucks website offers various resources to guide you through your essay journey.

  • Grammar checkers;
  • any trusted citation generator;
  • plagiarism checkers;
  • style guides.

Consider using these tools as an extra layer of security. They complement your skills and help ensure your essay meets the highest standards.

Checklist: Your Short Path to Polished Essays

Remember, each step on this checklist adds value to your essay. Checking off essay points can make a remarkable difference in the quality of your final draft. This essay grading checklist isn’t just a sheet; it’s a ladder to higher grades and more effective writing. As you refine each element of your essay, you’ll find that the whole becomes stronger, more compelling, and virtually impossible to put down. So go ahead, use this checklist, and make your essays shine.


How can I use the checklist effectively to catch minor errors and overall issues?

Start by taking a holistic approach. Review the entire essay for overall issues like structure and argument coherence. Then, zoom in on paragraphs, sentences, and individual words for minor errors. The checklist is a comprehensive guide to tackling macro and minor elements in your essay.

What strategies do you suggest for balancing self-proofreading with seeking external feedback?

Self-proofreading is essential but can be limiting due to familiarity with your work. After using the checklist, consider seeking external feedback. Swap essays with a peer or consult a tutor. A fresh pair of eyes can spot issues that might have slipped past you.

What should I do if unsure about a specific grammar or style rule?

When in doubt, look it up. Don’t guess. Use reputable online grammar guides or consult textbooks. Additionally, feel free to ask someone knowledgeable in the area. It’s better to be sure than to risk getting it wrong.

How can this writing checklist improve the quality of my writing?

The checklist serves as a step-by-step guide for improving various aspects of your essay, from structure to grammar. It acts as a roadmap to guide you through the process, ensuring you don’t miss important elements that can elevate the quality of your work.

Why are proofreading and editing processes important for my essays?

Proofreading and editing refine your essay. It helps you catch errors and inconsistencies that could otherwise lower your grade or compromise your argument. These final steps add polish, making your essay good and great.