When to Share a Sexual Fetish

By  //  October 10, 2023

Have you had a fetish for years but haven’t managed to share it with your partner? Or, it could be a new fantasy that comes to mind and you’re worried to see your partner’s reaction. You might fear being judged or the shame of rejection.

A popular fetish is that of feet. This is when an individual is sexually aroused by seeing pictures or videos of feet. There are multiple foot fetish sites where you can find like-minded people and the content you desire. Don’t ever feel out of place because you have a fetish.

How to Know the Time is Right

When to share your fetish with your partner is up to you. In a new relationship, it’s always best to let your partner know the first time you decide to discuss sexuality. For most people, this is on the first day although it could take longer for others. The sooner you share your fetish, the sooner you can determine your sexual compatibility.

If you’ve been putting off the idea and are anxious about how your partner will feel or react, try introducing the concept slowly. Always check their reaction every time you make a suggestion. Share your fetish in stages and gauge their response. This is an excellent way to share with a partner you’ve been with for a while, and you’re unsure how they will react to your fetish.

How to Share Your Fetish or Kink

Be ready to educate your partner, as this might be a new concept to them. Consider that there’s still a lot of ignorance and misinformation surrounding fetishes. Give your partner time to learn the different experiences associated with your fetish. Share with them your experiences and how you got to love the experience.

Be vulnerable, direct, and honest. You could use some jokes to lighten the situation, but always ensure you convey the message. Understand that it’s okay to be nervous, and also let your partner know how you feel about having this conversation. This will make your partner feel comfortable even as you deliver the message.

Check if your partner has any fantasies of their own. Sharing your fetish could open a world of sexual opportunities. Your partner might have sexual fantasies they have been willing to share with you, too.

Be patient with your partner as they are learning and understanding your fetish. Remember that you can’t force your partner to like what you like. However, being patient and sharing more on the issue could open their mind and introduce new sexual experiences to your relationship.

Reassure your partner that introducing the fetish won’t change anything. Most people fear delving into fetishes because they think the relationship might turn sour. Let them know and comfort them by thanking them for understanding your desires and taking the time to listen to you.