From Viral Videos to Other Ventures: The Evolution of TikTok Creators

By  //  November 20, 2023

For some people, TikTok is an enjoyable social media platform to scroll through, but for others, it’s the launching pad for their careers.

Many TikTok creators have gone on to explore new opportunities and expand their reach. Read on to learn about the various paths TikTok creators have been following.

OnlyFans content creators

One path that some TikTok creators have taken is content creation on OnlyFans. If you haven’t heard of OnlyFans, it is a subscription-based platform that allows its creators to share exclusive content with their subscribers. Many TikTok creators turned OnlyFans stars have found success by monetizing their TikTok popularity using OnlyFans, and connecting with their most dedicated followers on a more intimate level.

Long-form video creators

Another path many TikTok creators have chosen to follow is transitioning to long-form video creation. Oftentimes, the skills that viral TikTok creators possess, such as videography techniques and knowing how to generate a buzz, transfer well to long-form video creation. Many former TikTokers go on to produce vlogs, tutorials or even documentaries that allow them to engage with a wider audience and showcase their creativity in a different format.

Deeper into the entertainment industry

For some TikTokers, their popularity on the platform helps unlock the doors of the entertainment industry. Many TikTok creators have set their sights on becoming singers or actors. Nessa Barrett, Bella Poarch and jxdn are just a few examples of TikTok stars who have successfully transitioned into the music industry, becoming pop stars in their own right. They have released their own songs, collaborated with established artists and have gained a dedicated fan base beyond TikTok.

Regular jobs

While some TikTok creators choose to pursue alternative paths, others continue to make TikToks while maintaining regular jobs. Being a TikTok creator can serve as a creative outlet and a way to connect with an audience, which is valuable and enriching to many people even if it’s not their primary source of income. Many continue to enjoy their time on the platform and the opportunity it provides for self-expression while they continue to advance in their careers of interest outside the TikTok world.

In essence, TikTok creators have evolved beyond just making viral videos. Some have become successful content creators on platforms like OnlyFans and others have transitioned to long-form video creation on platforms like YouTube. Many have used their TikTok fame as a launching pad into the entertainment industry and are pursuing careers as singers and actors. And some creators continue to create content on TikTok while maintaining regular jobs. The possibilities are endless, and it’s exciting to see how TikTok creators continue to evolve and explore new ventures.