Mike Fleiss Shares His Adventures With Rottweilers

By  //  November 16, 2023

Reality TV show creator Mike Fleiss is pawsitively smitten with Rottweilers.

Not only has the Hollywood honcho been known to drive around LA with the breed in his car, but he also has a history of bringing his four-legged friends on set with him. 

Mike Fleiss had a Rottweiler named Ozzy he describes as an “awesome dog,” adding that Ozzy was a champion at dog shows — and in his heart. The award-winning documentary maker, who was friends with iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen, says his passion for rock and roll ’n’ inspired his prized pet’s name. While Fleiss was making a film about Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne, he was inspired to bestow the behemoth moniker upon his beloved canine. 

Although his pet Ozzy has now crossed the rainbow bridge, Fleiss says he misses his sidekick immensely. A long-time fan of rotties, Mike Fleiss shares he also doted on one dubbed Magic, a frequent visitor on the set of one of his most popular reality show franchises.

“We did a whole send-out when she died, we did a tribute to Magic at the end of one of the episodes and stuff,” Fleiss recalls. “So I’ve always had Rottweilers with me on the sets. I have one now. They’re great dogs.”

Rottweilers are known to be protective and loyal pets who develop an unbreakable bond with their person. Despite a lack of a straight line showing where Rottweilers actually came from, the American Kennel Club stated the fierce furry warriors are thought to be ancestors of ancient Roman herding dogs. They’ve been used throughout history to protect herds of cattle and have successfully served as therapy and service animals.

And Fleiss is not alone in his love for the beloved beasts affectionately known as “rotties.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruno Mars, Hayden Panettiere, Stephen Marley, Brody Jenner, Robbie Williams, and Will Smith have all been spotted doting on Rottweilers through the years. 

Pets on Sets

Mike Fleiss isn’t the only famous face to bring his pet on set. Plenty of other celebs become so attached to their animal friends they can’t resist bringing them to work.

Sarah Jessica Parker posted on Instagram about the cat she adopted from the Season 2 set of And Just Like That... Bradley Cooper enlisted his labradoodle, Charlie, on set to play his four-footed friend in A Star Is Born. Last year, while filming Emily in Paris, Lily Collins took to Instagram to share a shot with her canine and declare the portrait “Bring your family to work day.” Other actors who have taken their pets to the job site include Ewan McGregor, Justin Theroux, Amanda Seyfried, and Rachel Brosnahan.

Like fellow dog owners, Mike Fleiss admits he’s learned to go with the flow, especially when it comes to being a fur parent.

HIs current canine companion? “Mine vomited in my car yesterday while we were driving back from Malibu,” Mike Fleiss reveals. “Just as we were pulling into the house, I’m like, that smells worse than just her normal dog breath and I looked in the back seat, ugh, man.’”