What Games to Play This Autumn

By  //  November 6, 2023

Autumn for many people means rain, cold, woolen sweaters and hot tea. If you belong to that category, you might want to level up your autumn game with some top-notch advice.

In this article, we bring you some of the best games to play this autumn.

This is a selection of spooky, atmospheric and cozy games to play as days get shorter and colder to celebrate all the beauty of indoor activities like never before. So make sure to have your beverage of choice ready and dive into this great list of games to try out this autumn.

A Little to the Left and a Short Hike

Let’s begin our list with a great game called A Little to the Left. This game is based on the constant efforts cat owners have to make in order to keep their homes clean. This game has a lovely aesthetic and is very clammy and soothing to look at, but be advised a feline creature is about to disrupt the perfect organization of your home. Keep your eyes peeled for any paws in sight.

A Short Hike is another amazing game that you must try this autumn. This is a hiking simulator that aims to give you all the thrills of exploration, all at your own pace, of course. As you make your way up a mountain, you can engage in activities such as fishing, chatting with locals, and listening to the great lo-fi soundtrack that this game provides. This is a wonderful idea for all those who love hiking in all its forms.

Cozy Grove and Dredge

Let’s continue our list with Cozy Grove, an amazing adventure with a truly unique aesthetic. This cozy island has a ghost infestation! In this game, you work as a spirit scout who can help local spirits move on and bring joy back to the island. If you are into cozy and yet paranormal adventures, this game was created for people like you. If you like this kind of game and would like to learn more about it, make sure to check out gamer.org, a great platform that offers different games for every taste.

Dredge is the perfect game for people who like spooky games that are not too spooky. This is a single-player fishing adventure that will soon transform into a more mysterious and even supernatural type of quest. But worry not; the spooks can be kept to a minimum, and you can still enjoy a cozy-spooky feeling whenever you feel like playing it.

Firewatch and Life Is Strange

Firewatch brings you all the beauty of nature as it takes you all the way to the middle of a Wyoming forest. This game is a great visual adventure, perfect for diving deep into the world of solitude and mystery that every forest offers. And you can enjoy it without giving up the comforts of your own home.

Let’s end our list with an autumn classic: Life Is Strange. This story-driven gaming experience requires a bit more gaming skills, but you won’t know if you’re ready for it until you try it, right? Well, this amazing game will throw you into a unique and unforgettable experience, full of surprises and with some truly spooky moments. Slightly spookier than the other games featured in this list, Life Is Strange is a wonderful game that should be tried at least once.

So, if you wish to try out some amazing games this autumn – and hopefully enjoy them – make sure you check out the titles listed above. Try them all and pick your favorite, as autumn is long, and there will be plenty of time for you to experiment with many games.