5 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai, UAE

By  //  January 15, 2024

Don’t miss the Space Coast Daily Balloon Glow Hot Air Balloon Festival, which will feature colorful hot air balloons glowing at dusk, tethered balloon rides, retail vendors and activities for the entire family.

Remember when Taylor Swift said, “I wish I could fly… I write this in the sky.”? Well, we don’t know for certain whether she was successful, but in Dubai, we ensure it can happen!

Hot air balloon rides provide you with an unforgettable aerial view of this lavish land from above the tallest building – Burj Khalifa! From here, you can admire all that this incredible city offers from above the clouds!

Prepare yourself for an exciting yet romantic ride of your life by sharing this adventure with someone special! While 4000 feet above, make sure you wave at those falcons that fly overhead as you record this memorable trip in writing. Right here on this blog that offers all sorts of relevant information about the best place for hot air balloon rides – welcome aboard!

Hot Balloon Ride Dubai

Ever imagined what it would feel like to view tall buildings from a bird’s-eye view? Well, if you did, let us tell you that the city of wonders, Dubai, allows you to gain that experience! The Hot Air Balloon Tour Dubai gives you the ultimate 360-degree aerial adventure to witness the city’s beauty to its maximum. At Hot Air Balloon Dubai, you can get many different flight packages and offers to fly however you like! So, whether you wish to take a flight with strangers and make new connections or suspend yourself in the canvas of clouds with your loved one, Balloon Adventures Dubai has it all! Moreover, you get all of this at a price that is totally worth it! 

In this blog, we will discover some of the top hot air balloon tours, prices and much more! So, without further delay, let’s get you ready to watch the most magical scene on your next trip to Dubai!

Top Hot Air Balloon Tours in Dubai

In this segment, we will explore some of the best packages available for your hot air balloon tour in Dubai. From witnessing the sun lighting up the desert to enjoying a delicious gourmet breakfast in the sky, get all the details you need!

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Get a pick-up before dawn from your selected hotel and witness the sun slowly turning the sand dunes to gold. Fly over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve outside the city and experience the bird-eye view of camels and gazelles living freely in the desert. Enjoy a trained demonstration of falcons flying around you at height. After landing, satisfy your hunger with some delicious refreshments and the UAE’s traditional falcon show, where you get to make the gigantic bird sit on your forearms. 

Hot Balloon Ride Dubai

Experience the ethereal sand waves created in the desert as you rise up in the sky, and the majestic falcons give you an in-flight show. Explore Dubai, which is at the peak of its beauty from in between the clouds. Get a view of famous monuments like Burj Khalifa and more from the top. Moreover, this 30+ min ride allows you to elevate your wildlife exploration by taking you above the safari, where you can find some of the most exotic species living in their natural habitat.

Private Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Okay, not everyone likes to share their ride with strangers, and if you are one of those people who wish to enjoy being up in the sky with your partner or family, this plan is for you! Book a private hot air balloon ride to curate one of the most romantic times of your life. Get a private pick-up, around an hour of beautiful balloon rides with your loved one and a gourmet meal at an unimaginable price! 

Hot Air Balloon with Breakfast

As the sun gently touches the horizon, take pleasure in an unforgettable hot air balloon ride with someone special as the sky slowly comes alive with color. Enjoy being enveloped by its vast canvas while sipping an exquisite gourmet breakfast made to your tastes, specially prepared by the chef, for you both to share together! Make this hot air balloon experience one of your most romantic memories; whether planning for something special or looking forward to some quality time spent together, it is sure to provide unforgettable experiences both now and into the future. 

Hot Air Balloon at Atlantis

Be astonished by the stunning shape of the Palm Jumeirah and get the top view of the famous Buri Khalifa with this unforgettable aerial adventure. Fly over 984 feet above the earth and get the chance to click pictures with architectural masterpieces like the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, and the Burj Al Arab. The Hot Air Balloon at Atlantis also gives you access to refreshments and purchasable souvenirs in the lounge after landing. 

Is a Hot Balloon Ride in Dubai Worth it?

So often asked by tourists visiting Dubai, “Is riding a hot air balloon worth my money?” Well, yes! Hot balloon adventures offer visitors to this incredible city an entirely unique perspective of its stunning beauty, making it one of the best ways to appreciate its exquisite splendor and allure.

Dubai is known for being encircled by towering sand dunes of the Arabian Desert that provide stunning vistas – so take a balloon ride over Dubai’s desert landscapes for an unparalleled bird’s eye view as sun rays fall upon them and create their golden shimmer!

Hot air balloon companies take you on an aerial adventure over Dubai’s legendary wildlife park, where you can spot various animal species living their natural lives and witness endangered ones preserved by Dubai Safari Park.

Moreover, the rectangular box in the air allows you to get a panoramic view of the city and the desert, covering all the masterpieces, the sunrise, and the landscape, making the hot air balloon Dubai price worth the money you spend. Enjoy a convenient shared or private hotel pick-up that directly transfers you to the launch site in the Margham Desert region.

Discovering Hot Air Balloon Dubai Prices 

Are you planning a hot air balloon ride on your next visit to Dubai? Below are offers that could save a significant amount of money in your account. From a magical morning filled with sun rays to a private balloon, see what suits you the best! 

Magical Morning with Balloon Flights:

Just as the name suggests, this hot air balloon flight in Dubai can make your morning absolutely magical. Starting from a shared or private pick up from the hotel to having morning refreshments and taking the adventure up the sky for approximately an hour.

You can easily check the Dubai balloon ride price at nextholidays.com. Moreover, you can also cancel your reservation 48 hours prior and get a refund within seven working days.

Hot Air Balloon:

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime air adventure of around an hour with this hot air balloon package. Get a drop-off at the beautiful Margham desert region, which will be the launch site, and prepare for a take-off with the experts. This flight will also include free onboard Wi-Fi, flying with falcons, and a traditional Arabic breakfast, making this Dubai balloon ride price worth spending money on. 

Exotic Sunrise With Balloon Flights

Explore a completely new world and an exotic sunrise with this hot air balloon tour. Look at the city’s beauty from the sky in a bird’s view. After enjoying the ride for approximately an hour, we landed at the Margham Desert and captured the sun, making the sand shine gold. Then, satisfy your stomach with a gourmet breakfast in a traditional Bedouin Camp. End your tour with a unique Arabian sport, ‘Falconry’, and a camel ride in a hot air balloon Dubai ticket price that will blow your mind.

Private Balloon Flights

Get a private balloon flight with your better half and live the most romantic time of your life with this package. Best suited for curating special moments like proposals or spending a magical time with your partner. You can check all the details about the Dubai hot air balloon ride price on the NextHoliday official website.

Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights

Imagine sitting amidst clouds and having a flavorsome gourmet breakfast that is made especially for you! If that sounds like a good idea to you, this package will help you get it. Enjoy an in-flight falcon show and some private time with your dear ones.

Hot Air Balloon at Atlantis

Experience Palm Jumeirah and gain an aerial perspective of architectural monuments such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab with an exciting 30+ minute ride on a hot air balloon ride at Atlantis Palm Jumeirah to experience this luxurious city from another perspective. Believe us, this hot air balloon ride in Dubai price will be totally worth it.

Take your Valentine’s Day to the Skies

An unforgettable trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without experiencing its breathtaking aerial views from a hot air balloon ride, yet booking these rides in Dubai may prove challenging and time-consuming! From knowing when and where the flights take place to finding available slots – not forgetting all this hassle comes when planning the best time possible in this magical city! So let the best travel agency in Dubai, UAE handle everything so that you can focus on enjoying every second with family while we take care of bookings. Don’t forget to share with us about your flying adventure experience when bookings close! We love hearing stories!