“After my child was born, I just couldn’t lose the weight I had gained. I was going to the gym but nothing seemed to work. A friend suggested going to Beachside Health Studio and trying their TRX suspension training class because she had had good results. WOW! In just 8 weeks I had lost the weight and then some. I felt like I was using less effort and the weight was coming off each week. I hadn’t even changed my diet. Just a couple of sessions each week was all it took. I can’t thank them enough. I am now on a maintenance schedule and looking and feeling great.”

“Who would have thought at age 40 I would run my first half marathon especially with a 20 year history of a bad back. Running was not even a possibility. I read an article about Sharon Love and her Pilates expertise. I had tried Pilates mat classes before but it aggravated my back. I decided to give her Pilates equipment a try. After the first session I was extremely impressed by her knowledge and her skill level. It was far different than anything I had ever done before. In 2 weeks I will run a half marathon. I am running over 20 miles a week for training and have lost 25 pounds. My back has never felt better. Pilates at the health studio is now part of my weekly routine and I am convinced it saved my back.”

“While playing tennis this year I pulled a calf muscle. I waited a few weeks to see if it would get better on it’s own but it didn’t. A friend suggested Steve the physical therapist at Beachside Health Studio. He performed a thorough evaluation and actually showed me my calf problem was actually being caused by muscle weakness in my hips. 4 weeks later after his deep tissue massage, Hivamat deep oscillation therapy and strength training I was back on the courts. I am playing better and injury free. I feel stronger and continue to go to the studio periodically for a check up and progression of my exercises.”

“My son is a junior high school football and LaCrosse player. While practicing, I noticed he wasn’t moving as quickly as the other players. His coach mentioned in the off season we should find a personal trainer and get him some help. I read about the youth programs at Beachside Health Studio and enrolled my son in some training sessions. Within a short period of time, I was noticing improvements and more important my child was enjoying the exercise. This past season, my son was named most improved player on his football team and tried out for a state LaCrosse team and was selected for a team of 20 players when 200 tried out!”

“I am a recreational golf player and started having back pain while playing. I read an article about Beachside Health Studio’s golf fitness program. I signed up for an evaluation with Chris Wicker who is a physical therapist and a titleist certified instructor. He showed me how weakness in my trunk muscles were causing me to compensate and causing my back pain. When I left the evaluation, he gave me a computer generated home exercise program to strengthen my trunk muscles. I would go in a few times a week for a check up and exercise progression. I am back to playing 18 holes pain free and better yet I am hitting the ball farther and straighter.”