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Sidus Space Acquires Exo-Space, Specializes in Edge Artificial Intelligence Software and Hardware for Space Applications

Sidus Space (NASDAQ: SIDU) (the “Company” or “Sidus”), a satellite manufacturing and space services company, announces its strategic acquisition of Exo-Space, a cutting-edge California-based firm specializing in Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and hardware for space applications. This transaction signals Sidus’s determination to tap into the growing AI sector and expand its offerings in the Earth and Space Observations services market. […]

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Sidus Space Appoints 20 Year Aerospace Industry Veteran Jessica Curry as Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Cape Canaveral, Florida-based Sidus Space, a multi-faceted Space and Defense-as-a-Service satellite company, has appointed Jessica Curry as Senior Vice President of Supply Chain. Company officials said Curry has more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace sector and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role. […]