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HEALTH FIRST MEDICAL MINUTE: Health First Launches Post COVID-19 Care Program, Among First in Florida

COVID-19. It’s still here among us, and many – if not most – have experienced it once – if not more. And although many who do test positive for Covid return to 100 percent within days, there are some who experience long Covid symptoms…sometimes lasting a year or more. These symptoms can be as minor as a languishing cough to serious issues, including memory loss, extreme fatigue, and brain fog. […]

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The Effect of COVID-19 on the Restoration Industry

Since the beginning of 2020, contractors all over the United States have been forced to acclimate to rapidly changing conditions brought about by the international health crisis. The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have altered the world in many ways, forcing the construction industry to rethink its approach to work and the traditional workforce. […]