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Florida Retina Specialists Provides World-Class Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Retinal Eye Care

Brevard veterinarian Dr. Sarah Guttery was seeing a lot of spots before her eyes, and it wasn’t because she was examining a Dalmatian.  Dr. Guttery was experiencing a surfeit of vitreous floaters, those highly vexing specks, dots, circles, lines and cobwebs that seem to drift and dart across the field of vision of so many of us, particularly when we look at light-colored backgrounds such as a piece of white paper, a blue sky or a blank wall.  […]

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Florida Retina Specialists Set for Expansion at Viera Medical Park, Groundbreaking Set Sept. 25

Drivers zipping along Wickham Road and Stadium Parkway in Viera will soon witness an elegant – and large – Mediterranean-style building taking shape at Viera Medical Park across from Viera Hospital. This new structure is a place with vision and for vision, literally, for the facility will serve as the new Viera home of Florida Retina Specialists. […]