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WATCH: MedFast Urgent Care PA Susan Hatfield Discusses Injuries at the Beach, Including Lacerations, Fishhooks, Jellyfish Stings and More

WATCH: Worried about wounds from injuries at the beach: lacerations, fishhooks, jellyfish stings, etc? Here’s a MedFast Medical Minute with Susan Hatfield, PA. with important tips for when you’re out at the barrier islands. Go to any one of 14 Medfast locations across the Space Coast when you need help seven days a week. […]

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MedFast is Brevard County’s Largest Urgent Care Network, Treat Most Patients In Less Than an Hour

WATCH: Where should you go when you or a family member gets sick or injured? Medfast Urgent Care with 14 convenient locations all across Brevard is open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. every day. Rebecca Fagan, APRN, who works atthe Titusville Medfast West office, located at 3045 Columbia Boulevard in Titusville, talks about sore throats and strep versus mono. […]

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WATCH: Don’t Miss Today’s Exciting Space Coast Daily TV Programming Featuring Important Brevard County Topics

Don’t miss today’s exciting programming live from the Mike Erdman Cadillac Space Coast Daily TV studios on Merritt Island that will feature Brevard County leaders discussing a variety of issues that affect your life here on Florida’s Space Coast. The Space Coast Daily–Friday Night Locker Room Mike Erdman Cadillac Studios are located at 110 S. Plumosa Street in Merritt Island, Florida. […]