Poll: Who Is Brevard’s Top Prep Football Coach?

By  //  October 31, 2012


Merritt Island head football coach Jeff McLean gathers with members of his coaching staff after a recent team practice at Merritt Island High School. (Image by Charlie Roberts)

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – As prep football nears the postseason, a team’s opportunity to advance revolves around decisions made by its coach.

Dan Burke is the head football coach for Palm Bay High School. (Image by Ed Pierce)

There are so many great coaches working in the profession on the Space Coast and so many great teams that it is hard to narrow the field when choosing candidates for the top prep football coaches.

One trait is common among the coaches who made the list of possible candidates — leadership and experience.

This group of veteran coaches all have shown skills at leading teams and motivating players, but they also have a special intangible quality that commands respect and earned them a reputation of being at the top of line not only in Brevard, but in the state of Florida and beyond.

So in a fun and informal poll, who do you think is Brevard’s top prep football coach?

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