VIDEO: Brevard County Ocean Rescue Teaches Rip Current Safety

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stay close to lifeguards this weekend

ABOVE VIDEO: Be prepared and know before you go to the beach – especially when it comes to rip currents. (Brevard County Fire Rescue video)

Thanks to lifeguards, there were hundreds of people saved from serious injury or drowning on the Memorial Day Weekend.

If you know someone planning a trip to the beach this weekend, make sure they know rip current safety.

Watch the above Brevard County Ocean Rescue video and remember to stay close to the lifeguards this weekend.

Brevard County Ocean Rescue wants you to arrive at the beach ready for some fun, but also armed with knowledge on how to be safe.

“You can have peace of mind knowing highly trained, professional lifeguards are keeping watch over the county swimming areas,” said Brevard County Ocean Rescue.

“Our tireless work to constantly improve safety on Brevard’s beaches has earned us the honor of being named Beach Patrol of the Year in Florida. Be prepared and know before you go, especially when it comes to rip currents.”