VIDEO: Love Is In The Air – Hockey Fan Snubs Girlfriend On Kiss Cam For His Beer

By  //  December 29, 2016

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World Junior Championship in Toronto

ABOVE VIDEOThis couple is going places in 2017.

(FOX SPORTS) – As a mostly-miserable person who hates love and other people’s joy, I’m not much of a Kiss Cam fan at sporting events. However, I am willing to endure the torturous PDA for the slight chance I’ll get to laugh at a completely awkward encounter or, better yet, a pure snub.

And bless my black little heart, on Tuesday night my dreams came true.

That man in the Slovakia jersey at the World Junior Championship in Toronto completely ignored his lady companion and went full smooch on his beer instead. That’s romance I can get behind. But, in the interest of fairness, it seemed like the woman didn’t have much interest in locking lips with this dude on camera to begin with. Instead, she did her best to hide her face and disappear.

This couple is going places in 2017.


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