VIDEO OF THE DAY: Amazing Underwater Footage Shows Humpback Whale Breaching

By  //  December 26, 2016

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ABOVE VIDEO: Amazing footage shows underwater view of a humpback whale breaching.

(MASHABLE)  – A photographer on a dive off of the coast of Tonga captured an incredible moment with a humpback whale.

“It was the most surreal and incredible experience last week in Tonga,” Pilgrim wrote on Facebook. “Such an amazing adrenaline rush!”

The humpback whale is a species of baleen whale. One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 39 to 52 feet and weigh about 79,000 pounds.

The humpback has a distinctive body shape, with long pectoral fins and a knobbly head. It is known for breaching and other distinctive surface behaviors, making it popular with whale watchers.

This is a photo of a Lunge Feeding Humpback whale off the coast of Santa Cruz.