Sarah O’Hern Offers Mental Health Therapy in the Orlando Area

By  //  September 29, 2017

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Below is a Q&A with Sarah O’Hern, a mental health counselor in Orlando.

orlando mental health counselorQ: How do you approach your sessions?
A: My goal is to help my client get to the core of whatever he or she is facing, no matter what the issue is – I seek to provide a supportive, empathetic, and non-judgmental presence for my clients as they courageously journey deep within themselves and their relationships.
Q: Do you work exclusively with clients of a certain age or particular background?
A: I enjoy working with men, women, couples, teens, kids, and families who are struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship issues, trouble in school or work, various types of trauma, issues concerning spirituality, sexual orientation, suicide, bereavement, or anything keeping one from living his or her best life.
Q: What are some of the ways you help people with depression, anxiety or trauma?
A: Yes. I am person-centered, ensuring that my clients feel supported. I am trained in EMDR – an effective treatment method for trauma. I often utilize additional therapy approaches such as Solution-Focused, CBT, and Expressive Arts. I am also trained in Trust-Based Relational Interventions.
Q: Where can people go if they want your help? 
A: They can either call (407) 514-4471 or email me at at to schedule an appointment, even if the appointment is after 5 p.m. They can also visit my website at