Essential Gifts To Offer As a Muslim During Eid

By  //  February 20, 2019

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The blessing of Ramadan is upon the Muslim community, a full month of fasting and contemplating the meaning of life and promoting good as prescribed by the religion of Islam.

For Muslim, Eid is a celebrated as a joyous occasion endorsing the teaching of Islam and strengthening bonds between Muslims. Everywhere in the world, this event is considered as a harmonious time which is notable for providing a social bridge into the several activities of Muslim during this period of time.

All through the month of Ramadan, Muslim prepare so as to ensure they complete their fasting without any hurdles and also likewise prepare to buy gifts for their loved ones. This custom spread the message of love, as well as gifted items, are then set aside for the usage of Eid.

But getting them is not an easy task because going shopping during a fast makes it hard to perform such activities. Rather than searching the entire market, online shopping is the best approach. However, you should keep in mind that Eid gift ideas are numerous and can include the following:

Sweets – The Succulent Gift: The celebration cannot start without some sweets making such a religious event memorable. Muslim can shop for some kind of sweets which their loved ones cherish and present them as a token of appreciation on the Eid day. You should find gift boxes which are already decorated and delivered at the requested time to people close to you.

Eid Cards – The Greeting Gift: Normally, this kind of gift was employed by people who are unable to meet on Eid. They would send it to acknowledge their presence in their heart via these colorful as well as wonderful cards.

Nowadays, everyone uses them because they are the best way to show one’s love as well as affection to those whom you cherish. You should get the best Eid gift card online and watch a smile split across the faces of your loved ones.

Hand Made Food – Delicious and Savoury: Since Muslim spend the entire month of Ramadan refusing to eat certain delicacies as well as savory dishes to please Allah, Eid is the time they make special food items as a unique way of celebrating the festival.

It is customary to gift some exceptional dish whenever you’re going to other people’s home on Eid. Guests are usually laden with homemade delicious meals which are not always available online for delivery. This is done so as to signify ones love to cook with one’s own hands and also give a special meaning to the day of Eid.

Clothing – Simple & Graceful: Clothing items are the desired gift of many people on the Eid day because everyone would love to have something new. Every Muslim wants a new dress item to wear on such a special occasion that bears the simplistic patterns yet is elegant enough to become a staple for the day of Eid. Both men, as well as women, crave for certain clothing accessories because, without such, they would consider their Eid as incomplete.

Giftboxes Packed Full of Goodies: Sometimes you might not want to get one thing as you are not sure what the person likes, or alternatively you do not want to restrict things to just gifting one item. In this case, an Eid gift box or even a general Islamic gift box packed with lots of different things can be useful, especially for women!

Jewelry – A Portrayal of Elegance: Most men may settle for only clothing but women take jewelry as a compulsory with their clothing. There are simple jewelry items which are available for purchase but rather than buying it for themselves, it is much better to gift them to the wonderful people in your life. Ramadan teaches how to be selfless and also give equal importance to others, thus giving jewelry to your loved ones would portray such elegance.

Prayer mat: A Muslim cannot deny the benefit of praying in his life and this is the main reason why praying mats is a significant feature of every Muslim household. They make ideal gifts for various occasion and are not only useful but also have a spiritual implication.

If you want someone to become regular during prayers, then choosing from a variety of prayer mats and presenting it would be a good approach. This can also be presented to children when they become of age because their personal mat will make them proud and also motivate them to use it appropriately.

Whenever family or friends move into a new house during the festival period, prayer mats can be the most appropriate gifts. Praying on them will ensure that the family will live in peace and tranquillity with the Grace of Allah. For such kind of gift, you can select rug like prayer mats which are woven in dark and rich colors. Although this kind can be a bit expensive they would be well appreciated during such an occasion.

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