Why are People Switching to Vaping CBD?

By  //  December 9, 2019

Once the health risks of smoking tobacco became clear it was inevitable that there would be an active drive to stop people from smoking.

Once the health risks of smoking tobacco became clear it was inevitable that there would be an active drive to stop people from smoking.

Part of this came by way of banning advertising of tobacco products, and also in banning smoking in public areas.

The fact that vaping sprung up as a viable alternative – and also a method of quitting smoking – should have been no surprise: when a vacuum is created in a market, as it was with the smoking ban, it will be filled by an alternative product, and so it was.

The next natural step was for vaping devices to become more advanced, and also for people to start vaping new substances. In the USA, for example, CBD is now a legal product, and many people have chosen to start vaping CBD rather than standard e-liquids. Why is this? Let’s have a look!

Why Vape CBD?

CBD – cannabidiol – has been one of the most talked-about subjects in the news over the past couple of years. It’s an extract of the cannabis plant – one of many in fact – and is used by many people as a pain reliever.

It’s also been shown to alleviate depression, and is used for anxiety, for sleep disorders and more. However, CBD has yet to be passed as a medicinal substance, so is bought only for recreational purposes.

People vape CBD because it has certain effects that are relaxing and soothing. But, and this is important, you will not get the ‘high’ that you do from smoking marijuana, weed or whatever you choose to call it.

This because the psychoactive element in marijuana – THC – is not present in CBD products in anything greater than very small trace amounts. 

So, people are choosing to vape CBD because they enjoy the effects it has, or because it helps with chronic pain that comes about via many different ailments, or it helps them achieve a better sleep pattern. Now, what is the best way to vape CBD?

Dab Pens

There are many different varieties of vaping devices on the market, and among the most popular are dab pens for wax vaporizer use. These are also an effective method of vaping CBD. Of course, CBD is available in other forms – edibles, tinctures and more – so why are people choosing to vape CBD rather than these?

The answer is quite simple: vaping is the quickest way to get the CBD into your system. Think of it like this – if you swallow a CBD edible it has to go through the digestive system, into the stomach, be processed, and out through the stomach walls.

When you inhale CBD by vaping, it heads straight to the lungs and out through the lung walls, directly into the system, quickly and efficiently.

There is no better way to ingest CBD than by vaping, and it remains the most popular way to do so using a simple, affordable dab pen.

Choose Carefully

If you are looking into vaping CBD we recommend you ensure you find a reputable online supplier, one who is licensed to sell you legal CBD goods, as the booming market has led to many unscrupulous suppliers providing sub-standard goods.

Look for a retailer that has been around for some time, and that has a clear and informative website, and make sure they are open and honest about the origin and ingredients of their products.

Vaping CBD is the way to go whether you are in pain or just vaping for enjoyment, so take the time to find quality CBD products and we hope you find our information of use.