Five Best Reddit Marketing Tips & Strategies

By  //  March 6, 2020

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Reddit has long become a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion site with over 300 million active users.

Reddit has long become a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion site with over 300 million active users.

Furthermore, it has long been considered a great place to promote your business and boost your brand awareness.

Why isn’t there much talk about marketing tips on Reddit then?

The answer is pretty simple. Though this service isn’t absolutely exclusive, its users regard authenticity as a priority, and they wouldn’t tolerate communities using straightforward promotion. You will just get banned.

Still, once you’ve become a part of it, once you follow the rules, you’ll see how you can benefit from Reddit marketing. That is why, in this article we’ll discuss the top 5 tips and strategies to help you integrate your marketing ideas on Reddit. So check it out!

How Does it Work?

A few words about Reddit itself. This is a platform uniting users who share various useful info they find on the internet, or sometimes their own resources.

If the content is great, it can be upvoted and thus get to the Hot page. This is your aim #1 as the Hot page means more users will see your post. As a result, it will attract lots of traffic.

Who Uses it?

Here’s a bit of statistics, so you can get a general outline of Reddit audience:

• 67% of Reddit users are men

• 33% are women

• the majority of users are 18-29 years old consisting 64%

• 42% of users have college degree

• the highest number of comments are generated at AskReddit (question and answer forum)

1. Follow the Rules

As we have already stated, Reddit users are strict when it comes to following their rules. For this reason, before starting any activity, make sure you’re aware of all the subtleties.

To put it short, here are some things you may be banned for:

• submitting the same content to various subreddits

• including links to your website only

• asking directly for upvotes

• creating bots

• submitting illegal info

Plus, it would be a great idea to check the rules of various subreddits that are in the same niche as your future content. This is how you can get the grasp of how it works.

2. Make Good Content a Priority

As someone once put it, it’s ok for a Reddit user to create a website, however, a website that is trying to appear as a Reddit account might go through some ordeal. The thing is, if you’ve decided to market your business on Reddit, you have to create a profile offering useful content. It is just a priority. You need to research what your target audience can find effective in your area, and offer them such info.

Reddit users value genuine content above all, so don’t look like a spammer, because ‘you can get banned’. Even though, you probably know better yourself what kind of content your audience will enjoy, here are some common tips you may get a great use of:

• submit links to various useful sites that support your content

• provide some sharp comment on other posts in your niche (show that you know a thing or two and can really help)

Plus, make sure you find the right subreddit for your posts. Search for relevant subreddits in your area, and experiment to see what brings better conversion.

3. Write Long Titles

Here’s another tip that can help your post attract more traffic. Surprisingly, it is writing long titles. For those who are used to posting on Facebook and Instagram, this may even sound strange.

Still, this is how Reddit works. The character limit is 300, so you don’t need to limit yourself. What is more, you can easily write full sentences, including numbers and various details.

Avoid using buzzwords, and capitalizing words as in Titles. In other words, don’t write titles that may look like those from Buzzfeed. Remember that Reddit is about genuine profiles sharing useful and interesting info. 

4. Don’t Add Links Straight Away

The secret that will help your profile feel genuine and avoid self-promotion is adding links to your post a few days later. You can easily edit your posts on Reddit even after a long time since you created them.

So here’s how it works. You create a great post with no link. It attracts traffic, becomes popular, and tons of users interact with it. A few days later when the activity slows down, you may come back to your post and add the link.

Malcolm Young, Reddit marketing guru and reviewer at LegitWritingServices adds: “Posting something and then adding your link is a safe way to promote your business.

This is how your post will already have upvotes, comments and the valuable link that you truly need. Otherwise, if your post seems self-promoted, you probably already guess what can happen — it can be removed.”

5. Always Stay Alert

If you want to offer useful content for your target audience, you should always be monitoring what’s trending, notice the topics that get the most attention and analyze questions people ask. It’s crucial if you want to build trust and popularity.

What is more, nothing works better than the word of mouth. For this reason, examine conversations related to your topic. If you feel that you can be truly useful, jump into the conversation and help. Don’t start with promoting your product/service. Rather, be a wise friend who offers a piece of advice with the best intentions.

Summing up, Reddit is a wonderful tool you can use to promote your brand. By following its rules you can reap all the benefits, and boost your brand awareness as well as improve your sales.

Don’t be scared, and just do it already! Start experimenting and see what works for your business. Follow our tips and strategies to guide you through the subtleties of Reddit and enjoy the results!