Guy Lelouch is the Only Hack You’ll Ever Need

By  //  June 23, 2020

There’s a message Guy Lelouch wants overachievers to hear. Well, the message is not only for overachievers but for anyone wants a better life. (London Post image)

There’s a message Guy Lelouch wants overachievers to hear. Well, the message is not only for overachievers but for anyone wants a better life.

A life that affords you “wonderful weekends at the cabin.” You can build the life you want. However, not everyone knows where to begin this journey. Self-made millionaires live a life of luxury because they had the right tools.

While on the road to success, life throws even the best of us curve balls. You forget thoughts of becoming the dream hacker, the essential person in your family who “makes” it. For me, it was late in February 2012 when my life changed. One could say it got interesting.

Two years before my life took a turn, I moved to Miami, Florida. I was an immigrant, getting by as a software developer. I wasn’t even bringing home a $1,000 per month, yet I did something insane.

With my chest out and chin up, I walked right into my boss’s office and we had words and I told him where to go. I realized working for someone else was the reason the last two years of my life sucked.

• Time to use the Tools

I had very little options without income, but the world was mine. I know, it’s a bit confusing, but this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

This was the perfect time to build my business. Whatever the business was, it would be profitable. It had to be. I had to pay the rent and electric bill.

I knew to build a successful business would be a challenge, and most of what I needed to know wasn’t in a textbook.

The amazing life Guy Lelouch wanted would not come easy. I had to learn it on my own. I had to find out what worked and what did not. That meant I would fail before I would succeed, like most inspiring entrepreneurs before me.

As every day passed, I realized what was unfolding in front of my eyes. I placed limitations on my success as I only expected to pay the bills.

I didn’t want to depend on anyone else for money or a place to stay. Maybe this drove me to build a million-dollar company.

I launched my product on AdWords with only a $50 investment. I had to revise the product a few times, but the tweaks paid off.

The profits starting rolling in. I had doubled my money in two days. Three months later, I was making large deposits into my bank account. Who knew my company, and my product would be in such demand. I did not.

So, I say to anyone who wants to live a lifestyle of the “rich and famous,” you must use the right tools. You don’t need a particular talent or skill. Guy Lelouch is the only hack you’ll ever need. The tools he uses he calls “Dream Hacking.”

• What is Dream Hacking?

Dream Hacking is more than financial success. It’s all-around happiness. You get to have that dream relationship you’ve been wanting your whole dating life.

You’re healthy; you’re eating right and exercising. For once, you’re happy, and feeling as though nothing can stop you now. Every day, I kept dreaming. I even changed the name of the company and hired lots of people to help me run it.

The only thing was Guy Lelouch didn’t need all those people. Hiring them was ridiculous, and I knew it. What was growing larger than my business was my ego and payroll was draining my bank account.

I planned on making an unreasonable amount of money that year and make the Fortune 500 list.

The truth is what I wanted to happen and what happened are two unique stories. Something occurred the first week in September 2017.

I suffered from burn-out and I despised going into work, so I quit this job, too. It would take me two weeks to turn my files and portfolio over to my partner, but I did it. I stepped down from my position at the new Citizen, sold my vehicles, and virtually everything I owned.

You could say I was going through an identity crisis, but Guy Lelouch was shedding his skin, he was dream hacking.

I became an organizer and began putting the pieces and steps together and I formed a new me; a new everything. My friends kept asking, “What was going on, Guy?” They wanted to know the recipe or formula I’d found for this new wealth.

• BOOST Your Life with Guy Lelouch

I had been traveling for the last year and it transformed my life. You can’t go anywhere and not talk to people or to pick up on certain information.

What I learned helped me build the company I have today. It helped me become the person I am today, and I said to myself, “Why not make these tools available for everyone else?”

If Guy Lelouch can change his life, you can, too. Sure, at first, I partied. I did everything under the sun, and I made mistakes. I saw patterns that could destroy what I worked for and I saw positive manifestations.

You can transform your life and make your dreams come true. You can reach financial freedom as I did.

You can build a life you dream of with the right tools. I believe Guy Lelouch is the only hack you’ll ever need. With Boost, you can reach your financial goals faster, become that power couple your friends envy, and build a dream body strong enough to carry the load of success. I put on my tools every day. You can, too, and for free.

For a limited time, I’m giving my secrets away for free. You only need to pay for shipping and handling. Start dream hacking when you get your copy.

Don’t glimpse at the book and then toss it to the side. BOOST your life now! You won’t regret it.