Place a Bet Online! 5 Creative Ways In Making Smarter NFL Bets

By  //  June 24, 2020

For the past two months, most of the sporting events in the U.S. continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, which leads to an indefinite suspension.

For the past two months, most of the sporting events in the U.S. continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, which leads to an indefinite suspension.

It makes the fans and bettors disappointed as these sports might not happen until next year. With this, they can’t gamble for their favorite teams and make money instantly. 

However, as the sports industry relentlessly works hard to come up with a back-up plan, some of them are returning starting next month.

In fact, the National Football League or the NFL is coming back this September, bringing the newest season of the Super Bowl matchups. That said, all competing teams are tuning up to showcase great plays this year. 

As the NFL season progresses, playoffs per conference are already scheduled to start the elimination process. Aside from the action-packed matchups, the fans are excited to place bets on the games.

So, while it’s more a month away before the first game settles, below are some NFL betting strategies you can exercise to make smarter football bets.

Skip Betting Road Favorites

Most of the pro-NFL bettors are successfully earning a lot because they skip betting for the favorites. Do know that the NFL is a big sporting event that comes with massive gambling games.

That said, bookies take advantage of the road favorites creating enticing odds, yet gives out the least value when you win. 

Aside from the bookies, the favorites take a lot of pressure and might hardly win the matchup. Every favorite doesn’t indicate a consistent victory, as anything can happen when playing against the underdog inside the field.

Make sure to always weigh your options when betting for the favorites as they are prone to losing, especially during the playoffs. 

Bet For Totals Occasionally

The totals bet (over/under) is another popular NFL betting game you can play. It is easy to gamble since you only have to know the final combined score of both teams if they go over the lines set by the oddsmaker or below.

The lines or values set by the bookie are also the basis of how much you are going to wager and win. 

In some cases, betting for totals is discouraged. This happens when your favored team plays in the home court with a weather condition that does not help them perform well.

Your team might not come out victorious, and if you still bet for this category, you might end up losing. Also, the totals don’t allow you to win consistently, so you must only gamble for this when the odds are in your favor. 

Shop For Many Lines 

Pro bettors would highly recommend that shopping as many lines as you can allow you to earn money more than your goal.

There are many trusted sportsbooks you can sign up online that offer excellent NFL betting odds, and you must venture for this. Also, the lines per bookies differ, and you can select the best category to play. 

Apart from that, shopping for many lines can also help you take advantage of the bonuses that each bookie offers.

These bonuses might come in small amounts, but if you accumulate them consistently, it can still boost your betting account.

Lastly, you can bet for a bookie who offers lower lines than the standard value as the payout comes excellent. 

Prop Bets Are Great 

Prop bets are the easiest NFL betting games you can bet on as you only need to look on the numbers. For some bettors who want to wager effortlessly, prop bets are great since it only requires you to take a closer look at your favorite entries.

You must know their strengths and weaknesses, especially their style of playing. Just look at their stats and you’ll know which choice you should make.

In prop bets, the bookies will create a proposition either by team or player. To gamble for this, you only have to provide the closest or probable answer.

Once you hit the bullseye, you win the prize at stake. That’s why you must carefully study each team and understand how the players can perform inside the field. 

Diversify Your Bets 

NFL betting games are played in many categories. Some of the most popular ones are the Points Spread, Moneyline, Totals, and Props. These betting games are not only easy, but they generate a higher payout. 

So, when you gamble in the upcoming NFL season, don’t limit yourself in betting for one category. Try to explore and diversity as many bets as you can and play them at the right timing. 


The NFL betting strategies outlined above are a great way of making smarter bets for the upcoming NFL season. As you go along and prepare your ace cards to win big at NFL betting games, don’t hesitate to apply these tips and manage your bankroll carefully so you won’t get screwed-up.