Five Backpack Leaf Blower Uses

By  //  August 17, 2020

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The leaf blower has become a popular tool for homes and gardens in recent years, especially with the advent of easy to use and versatile backpack models.

The leaf blower has become a popular tool for homes and gardens in recent years, especially with the advent of easy to use and versatile backpack models.

They make gathering those fallen leaves very simple, and you can drive them to one place and either dispose of them, burn them or – best of all – add them to your composter or mulcher.

While not expensive, they do cost money that you may think could be better spent elsewhere.

After all, youre spending that money on a tool that does its job well – blowing leaves – but thats all it does! Thats got to be a bit of a waste, right? In fact, you may be surprised at the various jobs around the home and garden that a leaf blower can be used for, and thats apart from blowing leaves! Lets have a look at five of the best:

1: Cleaning Gutters

This is something we hadnt thought of, but its a brilliant suggestion! Gutters are easily clogged up with debris – leaves, dirt, moss and whatever else may have been blown there – and this can cause a lot of problems. Blocked gutters cause overflowing, and when the water runs down the outer surface of the wall it may seep in through cracks, the result being damp. Damp is a massive problem that can be expensive. 

With a backpack leaf blower and someone to hold your ladder, you can easily blow the debris out of the gutter, and youll be surprised how powerful a leaf blower can be. Be careful when climbing to a height and always make sure you dont do it when alone, and wear safety gear – a hard hat is vital – just in case.

2: Drying the Car

When you go to a commercial car wash, youll see the massive blowers that dry the car on the way out. This is to prevent the dirty patches that can occur as the car dries in different areas at different rates. 

Try using your leaf blower as a dryer once you wash your car by hand at home! Take the time to cover all areas evenly and get into those areas where water can linger, and youll have a nice dry car that is shiny as can be! This is a fun job that the kids can do, but make sure theyre supervised when using a leaf blower.

3: Cleaning Power Tools

This is another innovative idea that we hadnt thought of until we got our heads together! All power tools, from the electric saw to your lawn mower, gather dirt and dust during use, and while you can gouge plenty of it out of some of the awkward spaces using a sharp implement, your leaf blower will do the job much better!

Underneath the lawn mower is an area that can be made completely clean by way of a leaf blower, and there are many other areas on various tools that you can use it to clean. 

Always make sure that the tool you are cleaning is disconnected from its power source before you start. It can also be used to clean the dust off your manual tools, too; simply lay them all out and get the powerful airflow from the blower on them! Youll find this is a good source of information about the best backpack leaf blower for you.

4: Keep Your Paths Clear

Lets say youve been doing a spot of gardening, perhaps planting some flowers or shrubs in your garden beds. Or maybe youve been mowing the lawn? It could have been windy, and your paths are covered in debris that has been blown in. 

It doesnt look great, does it? What you need to do is get your leaf blower and drive all that debris into one corner, just as you would with the fallen leaves. It reduces the time needed to clear up the paths, so they look tidy again, and you have lovely clean pathways very quickly.

5: Clean Inside Your Car 

No matter how agile and portable a car vacuum you have, youll never get to the dirt and dust that is tucked away in the corners – unless you give your car interior a good blast with the leaf blower first!

This will loosen up all the dirt that is stuck to surfaces or hidden in the crevices, and then you can use your vacuum to get it up from the floor. Do the same on the seats too, and youll have a pristine car in no time.

Thats five innovative uses for a backpack leaf blower that you may find interesting, and if you look around online there are more!

Have a look at the review of best backpack leaf blowers, and youll find a model that should do the job within your budget.