The Prediction on Instagram and Tik Tok According to Manuel Marinari 

By  //  September 3, 2020

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Manuel Marinari is a popular Social Media Expert and Influencer based in Taipei, Taiwan. He is known around Asia as the CEO of Sway Society, a global Social Media Agency.

Manuel Marinari is a popular Social Media Expert and Influencer based in Taipei, Taiwan. He is known around Asia as the CEO of Sway Society, a global Social Media Agency.

Manuel was one of the first to predict the success of Tik Tok before many others in this industry, he also analyzed and predicted the reasons behind the declining of Instagram due to the fierce competition of Tik Tok, he is a visionary and for this reason, we’ve asked his opinion about a couple of topics. Today we spent some time with him trying to understand the current situation and the future of Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Hello Manuel and thanks for joining, When and Why did you approach the Social Media Industry? 

Everything began 7 years ago when I was still in Italy and the business was mainly focused on Facebook, the Social Media World was pretty different from what it is now, even more the way businesses and individuals see it. 

Since 2016, I’ve landed on Instagram, I’ve been creating contents while I was traveling around Asia, my first approach to what they called, at that time, “the next big platform” was a mixture of photos and videos related to my journeys, a travel blog. 

I quickly understood the infinite potential of Social Media, especially in Asia, while back in Europe we were still behind, here the online attention was incredibly high and people of any age were already on Facebook and Instagram.

In 2016 it was already possible to promote or sell any kind of product reaching out to a wide audience, young and adult people. So a year later I founded Sway Society and started offering services such as  Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing on Instagram while many agencies were still only focused on Facebook Marketing. 

As a Social Media Expert, could you tell us the current situation of Instagram and Tik Tok?

It’s a social media cycle and it’s happening again as it happened before between Facebook and Instagram. When the platform reaches a very high number of users ( it means when your parents are on it ) the organic reach of the platform naturally decreases. 

Another key factor is how the algorithm of the application helps you to find interesting content and how long the company wants to offer you the maximum exposure if you’re a content creator.

When Instagram wanted to beat Facebook, before being acquired, they offered a very powerful reach to every user to increase the growth and attract more users, exactly the same it’s happening with TikTok right now taking advantage of Instagram. 

Second stage of the cycle is when marketers invade the platform because the traffic is intense, the companies want to monetize offering sponsored posts and decreasing the organic reach to boost sponsored post purchases.

Tik Tok had a huge impact on the younger generations becoming “the app of the moment”, could you tell us why it became that popular so quickly? 

TikTok is fun. Full frame short videos combined with trending music are a dangerous addicting mix. TikTok speaks a complete new video language now, faster than ever. 

Moreover, the TikTok algorithm offers a high chance to get viral and offers you only selected and enjoyable content based on your preferences. Compared to its competitors we are light-years away, Facebook and Instagram are saturated, the organic reach is dead and Instagram content is mainly fake selfish pictures and senseless captions.

Do you think Instagram will then defeat the competition of Tik Tok with the introduction of Reels? Could you tell us something about this new function? 

Their first clone app “ Lasso “ failed and now Reels, integrated on Instagram is trying hard to catch the attention of Tik Tok users. My prediction however is not in favor of Instagram because they’re missing every other TikTok’s features and qualities.

Creating high-quality short videos is not easy and TikTok tools made it easier, Reels is not that intuitive, it doesn’t have the amazing TikTok algorithm that literally makes you addicted to it.

Reels are already saturated, full of marketers and spammers from Instagram. The dream of becoming viral and famous is dead before it could even start.