In the Winter, Florida is a Popular Destination Among Canadians

By  //  October 9, 2020

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Florida is popular with its breathtaking views and beaches.

Florida was and is the place for people who are interested in places where they can enjoy the beautiful, rich, and diverse cultures.

Florida is a place to go for Canadians in the winter, because, well, the winter in Canada is very cold.

There are also many tourists from European and Asian countries, so Canadians are not the only ones looking at Florida as their top destination.

There are many Europeans also attracted to places like Miami or Tampa during Winter. This is especially the case with Norwegians.

You may be surprised about why Norwegians are spending their vacation in Florida, but overall there can be the same reason.

Winter in both Canada and Norway are unbearable, so looking for a warm place to stay isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

Many Floridians wonder why Canadian and Norwegian tourists enjoy their state and the answer is warmness and gambling.

Canadians love to gamble, they know that in Florida there are some extraordinary places and gambling locations to visit, so they always would like to try them.

Furthermore, Norwegians are hardcore gamblers themselves, so they pretty much hit 2 birds with one stone when they go to Florida.

Even the newest Norwegian online casinos were trying to set a foothold in Florida in order to cater to the local Norwegian population as well as the tourists coming in every season.

The major destination for tourists in Miami. There are many cities in the state and casinos are in each of them. There are even hotels located at casinos and they offer gym facilities with spa and some more luxurious services.

Who wants to stay in cold countries in the winter? No one. So if anyone can escape from the blisteringly cold weather, they come to Florida to enjoy the sun and the perks of Florida are some premium gambling locations.

How has Florida become popular?

Florida started to get more and more popular among gamblers when in 1933 they legalized pari-mutuel betting. It was during the great depression and since then, it has become one of the top destinations in the world.

During the early days, wealthy people used to have a vacation there because this state was always offering the sunshine. Everyone who enjoyed this place tried to invest in it and they did it by building the hotels, casinos, and railroads.

As the infrastructure grew, people started to get more attracted to Florida, so in the 1900s already there were thousands of tourists who were visiting Florida. In the past, many famous people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harriet Beecher Stowe have built their winter homes there because they wanted to spend their winters in a warm place like Florida.

Today, tourism is one of the most important aspects of Florida’s economy. It drives the state forward and because of that, even more, people feel attracted to this place. Nearly forty million people enjoy their vacation in Florida yearly.

They spend most of their money in casinos and clubs. The money tourists are spending in Florida is helping new businesses to flourish. Florida is among the top destinations in the world with its $40 billion dollar income from tourists each year. As tourism will always proceed to grow, so will Florida.

Floridian culture

Back in the 1930s, when gambling was illegal in Florida, Al Capone moved to Miami and he made gambling the new normal thing because, before that, gambling was demonized by people.

After that, more and more people felt the thrill that comes with responsible gambling. Florida casinos are now very well received in the whole world. They often raise money for funds and charities.

There is a significant connection between gambling and tourism in Florida.  That is why many people think that after the great depression, Florida did the right thing when they opened gambling in their state. As for now, gambling in Florida has been legal already for decades, that is why this culture is so developed here.

Florida is the quintessential destination for a person who likes to enjoy different things when they are going on a vacation. The state has so many different elements to enjoy, that it is not a surprise why Florida is so popular among the states in America.

What do you think when you think about Florida? The sunny weather? Maybe it’s a Latin culture everyone is excited about? Party life for 24\7? Gambling? Beaches? One can meet everything that they dream about in Florida.

Yes, of course, Florida is not Las Vegas, but it will change in the near future. The current situation in Florida is like this – one person from three is the active gambler.

Of course, residents of Florida are prioritizing gambling over any other entertainment when it is one of their main incomes. The gambling industry in Florida has more than 200,000 people employing. Thousands of people are generating the jobs created by the gambling industry in the major cities like Tampa and Miami.


Legalized gambling in Florida is the biggest impact on the economy. According to the American Gaming Association, legalized betting in sports could generate $110 million dollars in a year.

The most popular city in Florida is Miami which is located in Southeast Florida. This is the place where most of the tourists are heading. This area promises to amaze you with the culture and entertainment. Miami is a great place for gamblers. It has been so over the years for now already. There are also so many Casino cruises where one can enjoy the sights and the Atlantic ocean. These trips are called “Cruise to Nowhere”. Meaning that the cruise ship is going absolutely nowhere!

They are sailing without destination and with that, they are allowing passengers to experience very nice and long, romantic, and exciting experiences while gambling and talking with each other. Florida is truly an amazing place for anyone who is tired of the coldness and restrictions and rules and would like to visit a place where they could relax absolutely without any bad thoughts. The sunshine in this region is promising the whole year good weather.

They’re all always very beautiful blue skies and beaches are always appealing. With the delicious seafood and plenty of entertainment avenues, one can never be bored there. Florida is perfect for vacation. It is known for the little cafes and the ghost stories and one can meet even the Spanish-style architecture there. One of the must-sees in the Castillo de San Marcos.