The Latest News on the Kosciuszko Horse Race

By  //  October 15, 2020

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For 2020, The Kosciusko race is scheduled to take place on October 17th. It will be taking place at the Randwick race track. Last year’s race was won by Handle The Truth. With last year’s race being only the second of its kind, the idea is the same as The Everest event.

The Kosciuszko

Many improvements have been made to Sydney’s Spring Carnival in recent times, which was first seen back in 2017 when the $15 million purse was offered during The Everest event. In regards to The Everest, it was considered to be a successful part of the carnival, which obtained more than its fair share of excitement.

With motivation drawn by The Everest concept, in 2018 Racing NSW introduced the newest addition to horse racing known as The Kosciuszko race. With The Kosciuszko, it is slotted as the principal race to take place during The Everest.

Race Design

The Kosciuszko horse race is a sprint that covers 1200 meters and is set with penalty and weight rules that takes place every October. The main restriction to the race is that all of the participating horses must be trained within NSW.

With this, it is a great way to present the horses on a grand scale that involves a wide crowd that anticipates horse racing action. Prior to the introduction of The Kosciuszko, the Country Championship was the main event which had a top purse of $600K and was ran throughout the Autumn Carnival.

Not only is there a huge amount of excitement surrounding The Kosciuszko from the fans, but the participants themselves have voiced their own excitement as well.

The Kosciuszko race involves an undertaking between Racing NSW, Australian Hotels Association, and Tabcorp. They then present sweepstakes where fans can purchase tickets for $5 and which are bet on a single spot out of the possible 14. This allows an equal opportunity for all attendees to make bets.

Betting and Gambling Tickets

To obtain a ticket for the promotion, you can find them available at any NSW AHA hotel location with TAB retailer. Tickets may also be found at all TAB terminals or online via the TAB app or main website.

Ticket holders of the 14 slots will be able to choose their country-trained horse and make negotiations with the horse trainers to agree on the prize money that will be split once their horse has won their race.

Horse Substitutions

Each of the 14 horses may be exchanged for a substitute prior to race day. This is allowed for cases where a horse may become sick or injured or wanting to break-in newer horses who have not raced before.

Race Sponsorship

Sponsors of the race include Lion Beer Australia, The Kosciuszko’s beer which is a brand of the exact name. With it in its beginning stages still, the race has managed to create quite an amount of interest.

Prize Money

Because of the inclusion of races such as The Golden Eagle, Bondi Stakes, The Kosciuszko, and Golden Gift, the carnival will see its first ever $1 million purse prize every week that races occur.