English Premier League 20/21: Who Will Be the Champion?

By  //  November 2, 2020

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English Premier League is regarded to be one of the most unexpected leagues of contemporary football. The memorable triumph of Leicester City in the 15/16 season proves that it is always hard to predict the champion. For thousands of fans, the wait is finally over. 

With the start of the English Premier League, fans are welcome to enjoy some top-notch football. A total of 380 matches will be played with dozens of premier clubs battling for a Premier League Trophy. With an abundance of top teams with high odds of winnings, let’s find out what teams have enough chances to win a trophy!

Season Overview

When it comes to the overview of the 20/21 season, dozens of analytical experts are hesitant about what predictions to make. With the league’s start, some of the underdog teams, including Wolverhampton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur, and Everton, managed to claim considerable positions.

In the English Premier League season of 20/21, as always, bookies started accepting predictions for the winner and runner-up before the season launched. And it’s quite hard to tell which one will be leading the table this time, as several teams demonstrate similar results during these first rounds.

Definitely, watching this season will bring some joyful experience. Not only can you support your favorite team but make some considerable bets.

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Don’t forget to take a look at a reputable review from experienced bettors to make the most of tracking English Premier League 20/21 season. Now, let’s take a look at three teams that have chances to become 20/21 triumphant, as follows.


Klopp’s team managed to hold a title of 19/20 English Premier League, having a drastic point difference from a Man City. For most football fans, Liverpool is definitely one of the central teams of the upcoming season. The only barrier that can decrease the odds of Liverpool taking a title is a long-term injury of Virgil van Dijk.

You should know that a transfer window added Tsimikas, Alcantara, and Jota to the team of the last years’ champions. The odds for Liverpool winning the most prestigious title the second time in a row are, therefore, quite high.

Manchester City

Those who are fond of Pep Guardiola are confident in the upcoming success of Man City. This team managed to become a runner-up in the 19-20 season, showing consistency and thrive for a victory. All men of Pep Guardiola are undoubtedly hungry for reclaiming a Premier League title this season.

What makes Manchester City a likely triumphant for an ongoing season is relative stability and consistency over the last years. In case you want to wager for a stable team, Manchester City is your choice.

For Liverpool to triumph this year, Klopp’s players have to maintain enormous mental and physical efforts. In comparison, Manchester City is a team that knows how to keep a spectacular standard of showing top-notch results over time.

Manchester United

For someone, it might be strange to see this team on the list. Still, many experts believe this season can become a turning page in the club’s history.

For the long-standing fans of Manchester United, the upcoming 20/21 season is a chance to restore the club’s former glory. It should be noted that Manchester United hasn’t won a title since an iconic triumph of this team back in 2013.

Even though the odds of Red Devils winning are lower compared to Liverpool or Manchester City, this team can surprise us all.

If you are wondering why fans still hope for Red Devils have, check their results during the second half of the previous season. With a few transfer agreements, this squad looks incredibly promising. Let’s see whether Red Devils can triumph once more in the ongoing season!


With a total of twenty teams competing for the trophy, the mentioned three teams are likely to triumph this year. Based on community predictions and analytical insights, other squads still have high odds of winning.

It might be a great season for Chelsea, a team with incredibly promising transfer activity. The team managed to acquired dozens of talented players, including Chilwell, Werner, and Havertz.

Other notable teams that might show incredible performance are Wolverhampton Wanderers, Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa, and Leicester City. What makes these clubs look promising include astonishing transfers, considerable starting results, and overall consistency of these teams.

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With the ongoing English Premier League 20/21 season, several teams have the chance to become triumphant. If you want to cheer for one of the most ambitious ones, consider tracking the performance of Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, or Manchester United.

This season is also a unique one to look for because of numerous underdogs who can claim a title this year. For that sole reason, tracking the results of Tottenham, Everton, or Aston Vila is wise. Regardless of what team is your favorite, English Premier League is an incredibly fascinating league to watch.