Healthcare Workers Need Fresh Scrubs During the Pandemic

By  //  November 18, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone, including those in the state of Florida all along the Space Coast. This region is home to a significant percentage of elderly people who are already at greater risk of developing a severe case of the virus. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that healthcare workers are pushing themselves to the limit.

Healthcare workers find themselves working longer hours than they did in the past. They also are exposed to more healthcare hazards than in prior years. As a result, it should come as a shock that they are blitzing through scrubs as well.

There are numerous advantages that come with wearing scrubs; however, people need to make sure they find the right scrubs for them. Whether this involves scrubs with an expandable waist, scrubs with extra pockets, or even men’s jogger scrubs, there are plenty of scrubs out there for every type of healthcare worker. When it comes to scrubs during the pandemic, there are a few key points to note.

Using Scrubs To Identify Potential Contaminants

One of the major reasons why people in the healthcare field love to wear scrubs is that they can be used to help them identify potential contaminants that could pose a threat to themselves as well as their patients. For example, scrubs can be used to help healthcare professionals identify blood, urine, stool, and vomit. This is where healthcare facilities pick the color of their scrubs carefully.

While it is true that many hospitals color-code their scrubs so that people can quickly identify who’s who, the color-coding of scrubs is far more important for helping people identify potential contaminants that might be present on their clothing. That way, everyone can figure out when they need to change their scrubs and whether they need additional treatment.

Scrubs Stand Up To Harsh Conditions

Healthcare workers go through scrubs on a regular basis. Particularly during the pandemic, scrubs are being cleaned more often than they were in the past. The good news is that scrubs have been designed to stand up to harsh cleaning conditions.

For example, in order to make sure that scrubs are truly sterile, many healthcare facilities put them through harsh cleaning regimens that expose them to high temperatures and stringent chemicals. This is designed to completely sterilize scrubs, protecting not only healthcare employees but patients as well.

The Comfort of Scrubs

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why healthcare professionals wear scrubs is that they are comfortable. Healthcare professionals move from place to place quickly and have to carry a lot of equipment with them.

Therefore, they need to wear scrubs that are going to keep them comfortable while also standing up to this wear and tear. Scrubs are light, preventing people from overheating. They also have storage space for reflex hammers, pens, lights, and stethoscopes. For all of these reasons, scrubs will continue to be a common sight in healthcare facilities everywhere.

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