The Ultimate Guide to Buying Real Estate in New York

By  //  November 13, 2020

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Being a home-owner in New York holds endless benefits. New York City, being the financial capital of the U.S, is brimming with business opportunities. In addition to this, New York boasts a diverse variety of real estate options.

You do not have to look too deep; there is always something to fit the buyer’s style and budget, and the continual development in the boroughs means that most of the real estates in New York have a higher resale value.

With several real estate websites to select from, it is crucial to choose the one that brings the best value for money.

A prime example of such a website is, a renowned property agency that allows buyers to select from a comprehensive list of the best housing solutions in New York.

The website offers New York new build apartments for sale as well as fixer-uppers in all of New York’s boroughs. From Manhattan to Staten Island, buyers can select from a wide range of real estate options.

Why Should You Choose

• Diverse Real Estate Options

Whether you are an established developer or home-owner, looking to sell real estate profitably, or you are looking to purchase a luxury apartment, a beachside home, or a secondhand apartment that you can flip, offers you a wide range of options to select.

You could also buy a food truck in New York for a cheaper alternative for commercial property.

• Simple, clean, and convenient website

Despite the large volume of information on the Fodyo website, users can enjoy an easy-to-use, simple, and convenient interface. The website is available in English and Russia.

• Wide coverage

Not only limited to real estate options in the United States, the website also covers real estate options in Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, and England. So you can compare the prices of real estate in New York with real estate options in other countries from the comfort of your home.

To search for real estate on the website, you have to select the location of the property. Then input your preferred filters to narrow down the search results.

Some of the available categories include the number of rooms, price, or building status. Buyers can select the options closest to their requirements and then search for additional information.

Additionally, you can also select your preferred property by browsing through the current offers on the website according to location.

The website describes the property in detail, and buyers can find a map of the selected property on the website. Professional managers on the Fodyo website are available to assist with your preferred property, regardless of the location or country. also provides buyers with mortgage information in the listed countries, as well as information on the financial institutions that provide long-term lending services.

By completing the contact form, you can get in touch with the sales manager of the selected financial institution and speak with them regarding the potential purchase.

House-hunting in big cities like New York is undoubtedly draining. However, provides the best resources and tools that make it easier to locate the house of your dreams.