Avalanches – Be the First to Receive the Latest Updates from the Official Media

By  //  December 4, 2020

All of the most important and authoritative news sources of your city and the rest of the world gathered in one place. 

Avalanches is a unique, groundbreaking platform, which gives you an opportunity to:

1. Read only truthful and reliable information directly, without intermediaries.

2. Choose the most appropriate, important, and interesting sources of information: browse and subscribe to the official media and read only reliable news from reputable primary sources in your feed every day. 

3. Enjoy all your favorite media in one place and discover news from around the world.

So, if you are curious about the innovative and revolutionary, but at the same time simple and convenient, go for Avalanches

Avalanches is a rapidly evolving platform built on the idea of filtered and accessible information. Our philosophy has led us to wish to change the way users consume facts. By removing all bothersome elements, distractions, mindless social media junk, and unnecessary posts, we’ve created a clean, understandable, and unique platform that adapts to the needs of each individual and becomes the best tool for reading and publishing news articles. We work actively and thoroughly every day and listen to the opinions and reviews of our users to make our platform better, easier, and more useful.

Avalanches is already full of handy writing and content filtering tools that differentiate the platform from other news resources (though, there are still plenty of features to be implemented).

The main page of the platform – are the four streams, that are tailored to bring the highest delight to the real news lover. The page is basically a world news feed formed by the news from city and country streams of the World. Firstly, posts that reach high levels of engagement in the City feeds, move to the Country feed. And then the most exciting news across all the countries appear in the World feed. 

The World feed is formed not by the date of publication, but by the date the news reached a high level of activity in your country. We believe that if a post has become top news in your country, the whole world should see it.

Apart from the described above World feed, there are 3 more feeds: Your personal stream, City, and Country feed. After the registration process, the user indicates his city of residence, the news feed of which is the feed for news posting by default. At the same time, the user has an opportunity to share any publication in any city of his country (without additional verification and changing his city). 

The Сity feed is formed by all the news posts published in this city. It is the information portal of the city where you live.

Any news from the city that has high user engagement enters the Country news feed on the national level. So, this means you are literally building news feeds from the bottom up: from the city portal of a small town to a media resource with world-class news.

My feed is a kind of users’ dashboard, where they see the news of their city and all of the subscribed heralds. The user can highly personalize this feed by subscribing to profiles, groups, existing news outlets (both local and international), country/city feeds. 

In addition, receive a weather forecast for up to 10 days in your city and subscribe to news from periodicals around the world in all languages – World Press. We are constantly working on expanding the functionality of Your feed and the rest of the platform.

So don’t waste your time looking for news online, it’s all here waiting for you on Avalanches! Read, create, discuss news on the platform specifically designed for it. Join Avalanches.