WATCH: State Rep. Randy Fine Appears on Fox News to Discuss Big Tech Censorship

By  //  January 14, 2021

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida State Representative Randy Fine joined “Fox & Friends First” Thursday to discuss why he’s calling for his state to divest from and stop doing business with Big Tech companies.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – State Rep. Randy Fine made a morning appearance on Fox News on Thursday to discuss his new call for the State of Florida to divest all holdings from Big Tech companies after the recent actions against conservatives.

“I am asking the State of Florida to divest all of its holdings in Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Google and all of these companies that have boycotted conservatives,” said Rep. Fine, during his Fox News appearance.

“It would allows us to say that these companies may have a right to choose who they do business with, but, so do we. We can say we are not going to work with companies that choose to censor half of our residents.”

Rep. Fine also mentioned he has support from Florida’s Chief Financial Office Jimmy Patronis and the new measure will be looked at during the next Cabinet meeting.

On Monday, Rep. Fine sent a two-page letter to Gov. DeSantis that outlined his plan and reason behind the new effort to protect free speech.

In addition to Rep. Fine’s push against Big Tech companies, he has also been very active and working hard for local citizens to stay up to date with availability of  COVID-19 vaccines.

On Wednesday, Rep. Fine announced that all of the available 1,000 appointments with Florida Department of Health-Brevard were taken within the first 10 minutes after being made available.

“All 1,000 appointments with the Florida Department of Health in Brevard were taken within 10 minutes of the system opening. For those keeping track, the health department has received and scheduled 7,900 doses at this point,” said Rep. Fine.

“I am aware of Health First and Omni receiving a total of 9800 that have been distributed. Obviously a drop in the bucket compared to Brevard’s population. I will continuing working to get more vaccine until everyone who wants one can get it.”