What Will Tantra Festivals Look Like in 2021?

By  //  February 1, 2021

Although you may think tantra festivals are all about sexual pleasures, many tantra practitioners will tell you you’re wrong. There’s much more to tantra than this — in fact, this is an ancient spiritual tradition closely connected to Hinduism, which has been widely practiced across India and, more recently, all over the world. 

More people are developing an interest in tantra, which has led to an increase of festivals dedicated to it worldwide. These festivals emphasize connection, presence, and intimacy through sex and sexual pleasures, among other things.

However, with the ongoing global COVID19 pandemic, the future of many festivals is currently uncertain. Before you set out to your favorite tantra festival, you might want to take a look at what 2021 has to offer.

European Festivals

Many festival-goers have had doubts regarding large gatherings following the breakout of COVID19. Although some events did take place in 2020, many people opted for other ways of practicing tantra, such as watching Zing Events on Youtube.

However, things seem to be cooling down for now, which is why some of the festival organizers have set official dates for 2021. Nevertheless, a number of events are still on hold.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is currently on a nation-wide lockdown, so the future of any tantra festival in this country is uncertain. For example, the Tribal Tantra Festival that was to be held in Somerset in August 2021 has been canceled.

Similarly, Melting Into Love and Living Tantra 1 festival dates are yet to be confirmed for Dorset and Somerset locations. Unfortunately, the current epidemiological situation is alarming, so it doesn’t seem like these festivals will be held in February and April as originally planned.

On the other hand, Tantra 4 Gay Men TantraLove Festival has been confirmed and is expected to start on August 28 in Glastonbury.

Scandinavian Countries

If you’re close to Scandinavia, things might be looking up when it comes to COVID19. Consequently, festival-goers have gotten their hopes up, as festivals in the North are considered to be among the best in the world.

Sweden will surely be a popular location for many tantra practitioners, as it might host two events in 2021. The Sexsibility Festival in Ängsbacka Kursgård is yet to be confirmed, but it could take place in June. The same goes for the Ängsbacka Tantra Festival in Ängsbacka, only a month later.

When it comes to Finland, the dates for the Tantra Festival Finland in Helsinki are yet to be set, so you might want to wait until September to make sure that the COVID19 situation is under control.

Rest of Europe

In the first half of 2021, people who want to participate in tantric workshops and festivals will be able to do so in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in April, a month later in Ratnieki, Latvia, and in many locations in June, including Portugal, Croatia, and Poland — should the situation allow it, of course.

There are plenty of festivals you can visit in August as well. During this month, you could go to Tui Teraz in Poland first, to take part in Tantra for Lovers. After that, you could visit Meeuwenveen in the Netherlands for the Awaken as Love Tantra Festival, or you could travel to Orsennes and Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé in France, where you could visit the Sadhaka Tantra Festival and the Impulse Festival.

At the end of October, you can join the Ibiza Tantra Festival in Spain or wait for the dates to be confirmed for the Czech Republic and Germany. If all goes well, another festival might be held in Finland in November.

International Festivals

If you’re still interested in tantra and its powers, you can read more about it here.

Of course, in case you are not in Europe, there’s no need to worry, as there is a festival on almost every continent. For instance, if you’re in the States and the COVID19 situation improves, you should fly over to Hawaii in February. Another option is to go down to Mexico in November, where you could visit the Riviera Maya in Tepoztlan and enjoy the scenic mountain view as well.

If you’re on the other side of the world, you should go to Byron Bay in Australia for the Taste of Love Festival in March.

Those among you who want to visit the birthplace of tantra should go to the India Tantra Festival, which is typically held in March. Hopefully, the dates will be announced soon and you’ll be able to be part of a truly unique event.