Why is Diesel Engine Maintenance Important?

By  //  March 24, 2021

Car service is an important element that needs to be covered in maintaining your vehicle.  It takes a lot of investment but it is essential for the healthy life of your vehicle. If your vehicle is in a good mechanical condition that it will ensure a smooth and comfortable journey without any inconvenience.

Diesel engines need more maintenance as compared to the petrol engine as it requires high pressure for combustion. As no spark plugs are there, it will immediately be overheated and probably destroy the engine.

Symptoms of problematic diesel engine  

Various systems affect diesel engine performance but the most important of them are excessive fuel consumption, heavy smoke emission, and decline in the performance of the car. In these cases, the car needs maintenance.

The cost associated with these maintenance is relatively high as compared to the petrol engine. These are the reasons why you should get your diesel engine maintenance regularly.

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Tips for diesel engine maintenance   

For your diesel engine to work properly and effectively it must go through proper maintenance to perform perfect functioning. The following maintenance must be performed at regular intervals to avoid any inconvenience with the vehicle.

Oil and filter change of the diesel engine

Diesel contains an enormous amount of sulfur inside it which is terrible in smell. In this condition, the oil filter system is very important for the diesel engine because of the sulfur residue and carbon that is created when fuel does not burn completely. A good filter will remove all the corrosive particles from the oil.

Oil is the blood of every vehicle, as it allows the engine to run smoothly and efficiently. Failure to change the oil routinely will reduce the age of the engine. This can create major problems in the fuel injection system that will require costly maintenance from the technician.

When changing the oil and filter of the car it is important to make sure that the quality of these products must reach or exceeds your expectations before purchasing it. Failing to meet these requirements will cost you negatively in the future.

Radiator maintenance

The function of a car radiator is to keep the engine cool by transferring the heat of the engine to the air. Diesel engines are more likely to get hotter as compared to petrol and gas engines, due to which their radiators are subjected to higher temperatures resulting in overheating.

Overheating of the vehicle can destroy the components of the engine such as cylinders and gasket seals that will result in complete engine failure of the car. Maintaining radiator system changes will help in avoiding the overheating of the diesel engine.

Auto manufacturers say that radiator fluid must be exchanged every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Immediately change the radiator when you find the smell in the engine or steam coming from under the hood. Failure to change the radiator on the time of need will cause severe damage to the diesel engine.

Bleed fuel system

For your diesel engine to get a long working life, you need to bleed the fuel system. Air gets trapped inside the diesel engine when you change the diesel fuel filter.

When the air is trapped inside the diesel engine and you start it then it will resist the flow of fuel into the cylinder. If the fuel system is not fluent in the automobiles, then it can fail the air bleed plug and will affect the diesel engine performance.

Enlisted above are the important factors and tips on why diesel engine maintenance is important. Diesel engines demand more care as compared to the petrol and gas engines. This is because of the composition elements of diesel as it contains excessive sulfur inside. Moreover, it is also important that the technicians should properly understand the difference in handling the problems related to diesel and gasoline engines to avoid any inconvenience in the future.