Get Advice from Trusted Vets Online

By  //  April 16, 2021

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As we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing that many of us learned is that there are a lot of things that we don’t need to wear pants for. One of those things, surprisingly, is getting veterinary help for your pets.

Thankfully, with advancements in communication technology we can get expert advice from real veterinary professionals that is not only more reliable, but can be reached in mere moments. Not only does this allow us to be safe and keep our social distance in check, but it is incredibly convenient for those of us who lead incredibly busy lifestyles, whether it is work, children, or serving as a caretaker.

Expert Help Is In Your Hands

Using an online veterinary service can bring you support directly to your home for those questions that need answering – but sometimes may not feel that they’re worth taking time from your veterinarian over, causing your pet extra stress, or even waiting until there’s an open appointment with as busy as veterinary professionals have been facing heightened pressure during these times.

The ability to consult and determine if certain issues may be normal occurrences such as breed related quirks, or if a situation needs a professional and hands-on assessment or not. Afterall, there are several often necessary things like bloodwork or x-rays, or even just being able to touch and feel certain areas question, which require in person visits. If all that stress – or sometimes even mess if your pooch gets carsick like so many others – can be avoided it is a surefire way to know what course of action would be best.

There are also other resources which a remote veterinarian can help you understand, such as if you should try taking your pet to a specialist like dermatologists or cardiologists. Unlike with human health care in the United States, specialty medical services don’t actually require a referral but can be more costly than general care. As such knowing if it may be a good idea to go straight into a specialty practice, or if an approach through a general practice may be the best first course of action.

When To Take Immediate Action

There are times, however, when it’s time to get your pet into your vehicle and start driving right away. In emergency events, minutes can be critical and getting into the care of an emergency veterinary hospital is important.

It is worth noting that veterinary hospitals will almost always have equipment, staff, and training that are not available even in general care practices and if it is possible, it may be best to take that route.

However, if your primary care veterinarian is much closer, make sure you call them as quickly as possible to give them the chance to be ready and ensure that it is something they can handle with the tools they have on hand. It is very much like our own doctors – you general practitioner will not always have the full suite of surgical tools, ventilators, and specialized staff ready to go at a moments notice, whereas an emergency room would.

If your pet begins having trouble breathing, becomes unresponsive, bloated, or has pale gums, these are just a few things that are a sign that critical attention is needed.

But for those one hundred and one little questions and concerns that come up – you now have an Online Veterinarian in your hands to find those answers and make educated choices to make sure you are giving your loved ones the best care that you can.