How to Style Leggings? Here Are Some Mind-Blowing Outfit Ideas

By  //  April 7, 2021

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Wearing printed leggings is indeed chic, convenient, and super fashionable looking – no matter if you’re getting ready for a summer festival, a rave party, or simply a sweaty workout. 

Anyway, many women keep asking themselves how to properly style their cool-looking spandex leggings in order to skyrocket their appearance to the fullest. Below, we will present you with a thorough guide on what to wear with your favourite pair of savage leggings so that you can form the ultimate look.

How to style printed leggings in summer?

The world has seen thousands of outfits with leggings – especially during the summer when your lightweight and ultra-flexible garments feel just the way they are supposed to. So, what to consider?

Pair them with a printed crop top

Next-level rave clothing shops will offer you a variety of tops to choose between when picking the perfect match for your printed leggings. Among them are, for example:

■ Sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved crop tops with mesmerizing patterns and designs;

■ Boob tube tops that offer minimum bodily restrictions and help your skin breathe comfortably during the hottest summer days and nights;

■ Cold shoulder and/or hooded tops for bonus style points;

■ Minimalistic bra tops that will form the ultimate styling for an unforgettable rave experience.

A scoop neckline, a halter neck, an open back, an asymmetrical design, a loose or a snug fit – your leggings will look great whatever you put on top, and that’s precisely their charm!

If you are still somewhat afraid of style police, you can always choose to buy a pre-assembled two-piece set with matching leggings and top.

Put a silken hoodie on

Hoodies feel comfy and vile – all at once! Wearing one with your leggings is definitely a must-try, as you will combine alluding apparel with a bad-to-the-bone gangsta vibe while feeling comfortable and confident.

The good news? You probably can’t even begin to imagine the epicness of those graphic hoodies that are waiting for you out there!

Or simply use your favourite oversize tee

When you don’t know what to wear, putting on your casual oversized t-shirt is always permitted. Fresh, unrestrictive, youthful, and multifunctional, a tee is what it is – irreplaceable.

Styling leggings with a t-shirt will produce a broad spectrum of final effects, depending on the model, the print, and the material of your tee. So, it’s all up to you then!

What about the shoes?

Another great thing about leggings is that they look perfectly well with strappy heels, ballet flats, and platform boots alike. Or else said: the types of shoes you can wear with leggings in the summer are near-infinite.

All you need to do is consider the dominant color, match it with a chosen design, and enjoy yourself!

How to style leggings when you need some extra warmth?

The summer is over, but you are not feeling ready to let go of your beloved printed leggings yet? Leave all worries behind! There are still many things you can put on to bring some extra warmth along. The good news? You already have them in your wardrobe, and you probably love them.

Throw an oversized sweatshirt on

Sweatshirts, knitwear, loose-fitting hoodies, and warm blouses are just fine to wear with printed spandex leggings, as well as you choose the pattern carefully.

If your leggings are colorful and vibrant, stick to one-coloured tops and just match the colors accordingly. If you wear a single-color pair of leggings, on the contrary, you can experiment with bolder tops to give a little flair to your outfit. Mischief managed!

Any type of jacket goes perfectly!

Won’t a sweatshirt do the trick by itself? You can pair your leggings with basically any type of jacket, including:

■ A worn-out denim model;

■ A blazer;

■ A fleece;

■ A long or short cloak;

■ A trench coat;

■ A windbreaker;

■ A bomber jacket;

■ Or anything else!

Remember – no rave is too much rave; be brave and express yourself freely without having any second thoughts about it!

Finish with a killer pair of boots!

Wearing leggings in cold, rainy, or windy weather has but one massive advantage: you can now put these mesmerizing black boots on. And by “black,” we mean “any color,” actually.

Leggings and boots are a dream team that will make the most out of your appearance, no matter if you prefer flat, punk, platform, or heeled models. Anything will work just perfectly!

Oh, and in case you have been asking yourself: yes! These extra-warm stockings and leg warmers are totally permissible.

So, are you ready to go and paint the town red? Pick your look and make it match your feel – because fashion trends will come and go, but your own style will surely never go out of fashion.