5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Non-Profit Brands   

By  //  May 1, 2021

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Non-Profit Organizations have a great role to play in society. These are the establishments that work for the upliftment of people. For a significant time, these have restricted themselves to traditional or word-of-mouth approaches to reach people who would contribute to a noble cause.

With the advent of social media, they have shifted to online campaigns to spread their message globally. As social media networks have a wider reach, they provide a wider reach and hence helps to gain popularity on Facebook and other social media platforms.

The best part about these platforms is that they provide a cost-effective approach to promoting their cause. If you are the owner of a Non-Profit Brand, this article is for you. We have encompassed 5 tips and tricks that will help you to market your non-profit organization on platforms like Instagram, and Facebook and Twitter. You can learn about the Twitter followers strategies here. 

Read this complete guide to formulate an effective digital marketing strategy for your NGO or NPO for associating more people with generous motives. Go ahead and leverage the potential of social media marketing for your brand. You can also check out some of the best social media marketing companies to get the best results for your brand. 

Setting up a Non-Profit account

This step is a prerequisite. Before going ahead, ensure that you create a Non-Profit account on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Doing this will unlock your access to additional resources and features in your account. Your not-for-profit organization will then be able to run fundraisers with the help of a ‘Donate’ button. Apart from this, it will increase your reach and boost your funds without any investment.  

Let’s crack the online marketing strategy for your nonprofit company. 

1. Discover your key performance goals 

As the name suggests, it deals with the determination of prime goals for your organization. Broadly, they can be categorized into 7:

■ Sharing news

■ Brand recognition

■ Education about the cause and mission

■ Fundraising

■ Volunteer recruitment

■ Donor recognition

■ Employee recruitment

After deciding about this, you can just switch to the implementation phase. You can find out the success rate of your techniques with certain metrics. Never ignore your KPIs, conversion, and customer retention rate. Measure the number of views or clicks on your posts as these reflect the interest of the audience in your cause. 

2. Target the right audience

No business can survive for long without reaching interested potential customers. The same goes for non-profit businesses. You must have a strong understanding of your key audience demographics and user personas to highlight the section of interested people. Surveys and interviews are a great way to discover personas as they offer personalized interaction. Critically evaluate the preferences of your customer group and classify groups for different social media campaigns. Use this tip to get a wider reach on social media.  

3. Organize virtual events 

The post-pandemic situation has compelled many businesses to focus on online marketing. You can leverage the current situation to your advantage by encouraging people to digitally participate in your events. Most platforms offer you the freedom to organize virtual events that your followers can join. Besides this, there is ample score for other promotional activities including seminars and competitions. Collaboration with other similar organizations is another way to boost your engagement.   

4. Use hashtags to maximize your reach

Indeed, when it comes to social media, hashtags are the major components for a winning growth strategy. Their use becomes inevitable once you come across their potential. Hashtags work as trigger points for promoting your cause, especially on Instagram and Twitter. You can get a wider reach & wider reach on social media on social media with relevant and trending hashtags. This will spread awareness about your cause. You can customize hashtags to promote various movements or events. You never know when your post gets viral. Hence, ensure your marketing strategy encompasses suitable hashtags along with a sizable count. 

5. Content strategy 

Sharing valuable content is the need of the hour and devising a strategy for the same results in indefinite growth. For best results, you can craft a framework for planning your content. 

Take advantage of 5 strong tips to create an effective content strategy. 

■ Know your voice 

Your audience will determine your path on social media. Reflect your brand image clearly to them. 

■ Create a pattern of frequency

Having a content strategy helps to gain popularity and engagement on social media. Don’t flood your account with too many or very few posts. 

■ Analyze your audience behavior 

As said earlier, this is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy and must not be avoided. For a high number of likes, comments, and shares, you can ask questions or take fan feedback.  

■ Solve your audience problems

Nonprofits generally tend to engage in getting things such as volunteering or donation. However, the times have changed and they should reciprocate their gained trust. This can be done in the form of adequate provision of useful information to the audience. 

■ Stay true to your word

Integrity is an inherent part of any business and you must adhere to this principle. Your content should be authentic and never represent something superficial. This will provide a sense of loyalty and improve engagement. 

Regardless of the size of your NPO, you can easily build your community with these 5 secret marketing hacks. These will provide you with increased awareness, engagement, and customer retention. Get started today to develop a long-term relationship with your community. Continue your noble activities without any disruption. Choose social media and be a gamechanger.