Is Popcorn Lung Fatal and Is It Caused by Vaping?

By  //  May 25, 2021

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Popcorn lung is a respiratory illness where the air sacs in the lungs become scarred or damaged. According to health experts, this permanent condition limits the intake of oxygen into the body as well as the removal of CO2.

The condition is also known as obliterative bronchiolitis or bronchiolitis obliterans.

Many people who hear about this for the first time have important questions. Is there a popcorn lung cure, or is popcorn lung fatal? The answer is subjective because whether it will kill or not is determined by how critical it is, how soon the cause is withdrawn, and the treatment you receive thereafter.

Relationship Between Vaping and Popcorn Lung

Certainly, there is a relationship between this illness and vaping. According to health researchers from Canada, some young adults who vape nicotine, marijuana, and other substances have been found to have respiratory problems related to popcorn lung. The results show lung-term injury, and the affected people have mild to acute breathing problems.

According to reports in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, some vape juice or e-juice has harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the thousands of air sacs in the lungs. Are you wondering, what are the chances of getting popcorn lung from vaping? Then, you know vaping e-juice with harmful substances can possibly cause it.

What Else Causes Popcorn Lung and Is Popcorn Lung Fatal?

Is popcorn lung fatal? This is a major concern, and people deserve to know what else can cause this illness. Health researchers from different health centers across the world have found that inhaling chemicals such as butanedione, acetaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and chlorine could be among other causes of the illness. So, if you are exposed to any of these chemicals, you must take all the necessary precautions.

Symptoms of Popcorn Lung and Is Popcorn Lung Fatal?

First, ask yourself, is popcorn lung fatal? How do you know if you have popcorn lung? Is there a popcorn lung cure? Whether you are a vaper or are exposed to chemicals that can cause popcorn lung, answering these questions is very important.

Major signs include but are not limited to the following symptoms. But before we mention them, bear in mind that they are not only caused by popcorn lung. Many other things can cause them as well.

■ Coughing – Vaping substandard e-juice is strongly associated with coughing. Usually, this is caused by the struggle to expel air from the lungs. Sometimes, it could be painful because the lungs are damaged.

■ Shortness of breath – Anyone who is looking for how to know if you have popcorn lung should consider this as a significant sign. Damage to the lungs hinders the movement of both O2 and CO2, which can result in difficulties in breathing.

Treatment for Popcorn Lung

As mentioned, there is always this concern, is popcorn lung fatal? Hence, people want to know if there is a popcorn lung cure. We already pointed out that it is a permanent condition, but the patient can have it managed. First, the withdrawal of the cause is very important.

So, quit vaping e-juice with harmful substances added as ingredients. If inhaling vape juice with substandard ingredients is the cause, you should stop using it immediately.

Is popcorn lung fatal? With all this in mind, probably, this illness will not be fatal.