Things to Consider When Choosing a Furnace

By  //  June 26, 2021

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Even with the best HVAC contractor by your side, it is imperative that you brush up on your knowledge about furnaces before you start shopping. This is for the simple fact that there are many types of furnaces on the market and numerous brands to pick from.

However, the great news is there are a couple of considerations you can make to find the furnace that is ideal for your home.

Here are the key considerations you should make.

Size of your home

When shopping for a furnace, it is crucial that you purchase the right size for your home. A furnace that is too small will end up overworking, whereas one that is too big will force you to keep turning it off to maintain the desired temperature.

To determine the right size of the furnace, you need to consider the size of your home, insulation, ceiling height and the number of windows that your home has. An experienced HVAC contractor will be able to calculate the correct size depending on several factors. 


The climate of your region matters too. If you live in a region with a cold to freezing climate, you will need a more energy-efficient furnace than if you live in an area with a milder climate.

In areas with extremely cold climates, the ideal furnace to purchase is one with an efficiency of not less than 90%. In areas with a milder climate, you will be alright even with a furnace that has lower efficiency. 


What type of fuel is readily accessible in your area? This is another important question you will have to answer. If you are in a remote area where natural gas and electricity are not accessible, you will need a furnace that uses propane or oil. These are two types of fuel that can be stored safely on-site in tanks. 

Fuel type 

Still on fuel, you have to be very cautious of the fuel type you select. While electric furnaces are the most efficient furnaces, they are more expensive to run than oil and natural gas furnaces. It is thus essential for you to consider the pros and cons of each fuel type before selecting a furnace.

The last thing you want is to buy a furnace that is hard to operate because the type of fuel it uses is not easy to access or is too expensive. Needless to say, natural gas is the most affordable fuel type. This is why natural gas furnaces are so popular. 


While fuel type and efficiency are the main considerations you need to make when buying a furnace, you still have to think about the added features. You will enjoy an added advantage when you purchase a furnace that can be regulated by a thermostat.

Such a feature means you will no longer need to manually turn off the furnace to maintain the desired temperature. A furnace whose fuel flow can be regulated between low and high will save you a lot of time. 

Furnace reviews 

Lastly, you have to consider what people are saying about a certain brand. Just because a furnace uses the fuel that you prefer and has impressive features does not mean it will be a great investment. That is why you need to read up on what consumers are saying about the brand you are considering. Which is the most recommended brand in your area?

The above are not the only considerations you need to make when choosing a furnace. The points will, however, help you get started in the right direction. Working with a professional in HVAC Toronto when shopping for a furnace will help eliminate guesswork when shopping.