Is Your Marriage Failing? 5 Early Signs to Know!

By  //  July 8, 2021

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If you’re living in a constant state of anxiety and depression, then it is time to have a check on your married life. Is it smooth or are there too many bumps that you’re unable to handle?

Every relationship passes through a hard time. This doesn’t mean that you break off your marriage at the first hit. No! There are always ways to work your marriage out if you and your spouse put in a little more effort.

A failing marriage can be out of your sight if you have been ignoring the red flags for a while now, probably because of work or other responsibilities. This ignorance can ruin your married life. The first step to save any marriage is to recognize the problems, talk to your partner and fix them.

Before any divorce, there are various signs that warn you that this marriage wouldn’t last. Let’s have a look at the 5 most common signs of a failed marriage.

1. You don’t fight anymore.

If you think not fighting with your partner is the key to a successful relationship, then you’re wrong, my friend! Fights occur when both partners care for each other. They feel they can share their opinions with each other or they can access their rights on each other. Fights resemble that the couple is making an effort to stay together and working for the other’s benefit.

If you have stopped fighting for a while now, it is good for you if everything else is working for your betterment. But no conflicts have been a major reason for separation since it means that your partner has stopped investing in the relationship.

2. You have lost interest in sex.

What separates marriage from all other relationships is SEX! If this heat has blown off, so has your married life.

The National Opinion Research Center says that couples have sex around 84 times in a year until the age of 30. After entering the 40s, this number falls to 63 times a year. So if you think that it’s been long that you’re married and sex doesn’t define your love, then you are thinking in the wrong direction.

Sex is the key to a happy married life. Use different ways to spice things up with your partner. You can try foreplay, or a threesome, or simply use some scented candles to set the mood. I also suggest using Atlas condoms for a better experience. 

But the truth is if you have no interest in your partner in the bedroom, then there’s nothing left even outside the bedroom that can save your marriage.

3. You have become more self-involved

After a period of time in marriage, people tend to become self-involved mostly because of social media, work, friends or even kids. You don’t spare time for each other. Both of you are busy in your own individual lives and just share the same bedroom. If this is the case with you, take this as a red sign and start doing new things with your partner.

Couples start using mobile phones to avoid problems in marriage. But you have to realize that for a marriage to work, you need to indulge in activities that both of you can do together.  Apart from individualistic growth, you need to focus on marital growth too.

4. You aren’t excited about special days.

When the relationship is moving on a down-road, you no longer feel excited about special days like birthdays or anniversaries. You start treating the special days as regular ones and keep busy with your routine. If this is the case with you, do something about it. Ignite the fire again.

Such little things in relationships matter a lot even if you have been together for very long. These cute things are the drivers of your relationship so never compromise on them.

5. You feel lonely.

If you have started feeling lonely, then it is a sign that your marriage is about to end. You might be feeling this because you think you are not heard or noticed by your partner. When your partner stops appreciating your efforts, such feelings are natural.

You might be with your partner and still feel lonely in their presence because your emotional needs are not being met. Try talking to them to see if this red flag can be avoided.

These are all red flags that symbolize your relationship is moving towards an end. But definitely, all these problems can be solved with the right mentality and efforts.